With update 15 came the Syndicate system, in which “reputation points” could be earned through missions and traded for goods like mods, keys, and consumables. Players soon ran into an issue: Reputation points a lot of time and energy to farm for. It takes 1,224,300,000 experience points to reach maximum rank in a single syndicate (thanks Jeloxale), not counting any points deducted for a “favor” (sigil, mod, consumable).

With the recent so called “Viver Warframe” changes- these warframes being Excalibur, Mag, Trinity, and a select few others- that came out in 15.2.0 and the resultant forum post by DE_Steve himself concerning the half-bakedness of these changes, there has been a lot of discussion on this matter and this is simply my take on it.

DE_Steve has confirmed there will be changes to the syndicate rep system, which is a great thing to hear. What I fear is that the changes will still not be satisfactory.

This is along the lines of what I believe the change will be:

-The ratio of experience to rep will be altered so more rep is gained per mission.

-Limits will be placed on rep gain for endless missions (Interception, Defense, and Survival) to prevent another Viver.

That takes care of Vivergate, as it was called. But it ignores the under lying problem that Viver’s expoitation was a symptom of. The main problem is that DE has made this new system new for everyone, under every circumstance. Mastery rank 0? Here’s a new thing, start from scratch! Mastery rank 18? New for you too, start from scratch!

It doesn’t seem fair, and it doesn’t seem logical. From a fairness standpoint: The new players get to use this from the get go and are earning points from the very beginning, whereas veterans (for me this means double digit MR) are going to have to farm specifically for these rep points. From an in game lore standpoint: I highly doubt these 6 apparently influential new factions are just now appearing.

What I’m about to say is nothing new, and I think most of you can agree with me: Rep gain should not be tied to experience exclusively, if at all.

This is the rework I’ve come up with after reading a considerable amount of forum posts on this subject.

Wearing a sigil gives you a flat amount of rep based on three factors: Mission type and mission level (the third factor is exclusive to endless mission types, and has stacking multipliers on a per-round basis). In this case xp would be still be applied, but as spare change compared to a fair amount of rep gain per mission. As mastery rank increases, smack a multiplier on there. An extra ten percent a MR5, an extra 20 at 6, 30 at 7, and so on and so forth. Maybe you get some additional perks for using a weapon favored by that syndicate.

And that’s it. Pretty simple right?

*blows whistle*


EDIT: With the new update they fixed it a lot better than they would. Go DE!

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