New stuff? Check. Tonfas! Microwave gun! Freeze ray! Awesome!

New event! New Mission type! New tileset! Oberon buff! Hype! Hype! Hype!

And then...

The mods.


This is horrible. This is unnacceptable. Here's what the UI team has been done:


Dorian: They don't like the new UI! 

Pablo: Let's set up a feedback thread! And reply twice before ignoring it entirely!

Dorian: Yes!

  • time passes*


Pablo: The players say it's a huge step back from the old UI. Maybe we should revisit it?...

Dorian: Of course not. Let's claim that our artistic license trumps things like usability and 7 million players not liking it.

Both: But what about the people who get physically ill from the new UI?

Both: ... Well f%& those guys.

  • more time passes*

UPDATE 14.2(the weeks before 14.5)

Dorian: The players are still complaining. What should we do?

Pablo: I know! Let's overhaul the part of the UI nobody asked us to overhaul!

Dorian: Brilliant! And we'll make it cramped! And cluttered!

Pablo: And cluttered,yes... and all around ugly and unusable! And change the rarity indicators in a way that still doesn't assist the colorblind!

Dorian: This will be the best UI patch yet.

And thus, the 14.5 mod system was born. Does DE even look at the stuff these guys draft before putting it in game?

EDIT: This may surprise you people that disagree with me in the comments, but insulting me or people who agree with me is not an effective way to argue your point.

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