As of now, I have played every single (non-primed) warframe to some extent, enough to be dissatisfied in some way because I'm a nitpicky brat. I've asked around, and most people seem to have at least a small problem with most warframe's abilities. This is a list of tweaks and small changes I have compiled from my brainspace that I think would help the warframes. 

I put the classifying part in as a quick description of the playstyle of ALL the powers. This is mostly for reminding purposes, so we don't get too carried away(RHINO STOMP KILL EVERYTHING BLARRRRRRR).

Terms used: 

Offensive: Having heavy attack damage based powers/Agro drawing powers

Defensive: Having  deflective, escape, or blockading powers/Having especially high SH/HP stats


Support-Powers that focus on non-damage buffs to allies, debuff or inhibit enemies

Rogue-Stealth/mobility oriented powers

Caster-Powers that focus on affecting the enemy with statuses or crowd control, dealing ranged/over time damage

Assault-Powers that rely on close range/apply damage buffs to allies

-Ash- Offensive Assault/Rogue

Tweak: Smoke Screen also cloaks allies within the stun radius (10m).

-Banshee-Defensive Support/Caster

Tweak: Silence affects alerted enemies that enter the aura.

-Ember-Offensive Caster

Tweak: Fire Blast affects enemies inside the ring as well.

-Excalibur-Offensive Assault/Rogue

Tweak: Radial Javelin is an energy/sec ultimate, like Nyx’s or Banshee’s or Mirage’s. 50 + 10 energy/sec. Excalibur is immobile but has a 50% damage reduction. Ending activates a super jump with no extra energy cost.

-Frost-Defensive Caster

Tweak: Avalanche is a channeled ability similar to Nyx's, and freezes all who come within range for x seconds, at an initial cost and energy/sec. Credit to Rhekinos.

-Hydroid-Offensive Support/Caster

Tweak: Tidal Surge can be cast upward, creating a geyser.

-Loki-Defensive Rogue

Tweak: When Invisibility’s cast ends, enemies within ~5 meters are stunned for 3 seconds.

-Mag-Defensive Support/Caster

Tweak:  Crush scales with armor. Credit to Rhekinos.

-Mirage-Defensive Assault/Support

Tweak:  Eclipse costs 50 energy for the same stats.

-Nekros-Defensive Support

Tweak: Soul Punch kills take priority in Shadows of the Dead, giving you some selection on your zombies. Credit to Rhekinos.

-Nova-Offensive Support/Caster

Tweak: Null Star can send off all motes at once, all to different targets.

-Nyx-Offensive Caster

Tweak: Mind Controlled targets can only be killed by the Nyx that casted it, no other warframes.

-Oberon-Offensive Support/Caster

Tweak: Renewal revives downed players(it was originally a bug that has since been patched).

-Rhino-Offensive Assault

Tweak: Rhino Charge ragdolls enemies hit by the front of the attack.

-Saryn-Offensive Support/Assault

Tweak: Contagion does not mix with other elemental damage types on the melee weapon.

-Trinity-Defensive Support

Tweak: I spent a good half hour on this and can’t think of a single thing. I think she’s very well balanced.

-Valkyr-Offensive Assault/Rogue

Tweak: While Hysteria is active, Rip Line deals 2x its normal damage.

-Vauban-Defensive Caster/Support

Tweak: Bastille plays Bastille’s Pompeii while activeTesla’s number of charges is affected by duration, but the grenades themselves still last 40 seconds.

-Volt-Offensive Support/Rogue

Tweak: Overload deals 200/250/300/350 Electric damage in the same range, all enemies that come in physical contact or melee attack Volt up to 10 seconds after cast are hit with 100 Electric damage and proc’d, stunning them.

-Zephyr-Defensive Caster/Rogue

Tweak: Dive Bomb, if used on the ground, causes a jump half the height of tail wind and the swoop down, dealing 50% of Dive Bomb’s full damage, in 2/3 of Dive Bomb’s full radius.

Here's where YOU, dear reader/friends and neighbors, come in. Is there a Warframe power you are less than happy with? What tweaks would make you use the power more?

Note: Try to refrain from changing a power altogether, the function should remain the same.


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