• Avrokiller

    Just starting this blog/story/Trilogy covering the origins of Frost Prime. 

    • The first chapter will include the vicious birth of, the tenno named, Frost that made him the ice cold ninja he is today. I will also include the daunting task of obtaining his elite warframe. [Release Date: 10/12/15]
    • The second chapter will be his rise to fame as Frost (and given the codname Frosty The Iceman).
    • The final chapter will detail his Rise to Prime-Hood and the missions of an elder frost!

    I am gonna start this epic as soon as my week is over (10/9/2015) and I will have the first chapter up by the end of the long weekend [for college students] (10/12/15) 

    Im going to do some research so I don't conflict with the storyline!

    Hope you guys enjoy!

    Get ready, Tenno!

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