• Aztec cat

    We must fight!!!

    July 2, 2014 by Aztec cat


    Tenno, Perfect World Entertainment wants to buy Digital Extremes. We can not let this happen. I do not want Warframe (Which is my favorite game btw) to turn into a game like Blacklight: Retribrution. If you care about the future of Warframe, click this link: Sign the petition to not sell DE to Perfect World. The future of Warframe depends on us, Tenno.

    I shall leave with a GIF explaining if it does happen:

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  • Aztec cat

    I think there will be new types of Corpus Crewmen when the next or future update comes out with the Corpus Gas Planet, in Livestream 17 they mention a "Flak Cannon" which is a energy shotgun (i think)                                      Here is a photo of the possible new types of Crewmen which are seen in The Prophet Trailer:


    The ones in blue circles are the ones we alreadyy know (Corpus Elite and Tech)

    But the ones in red are unknown types their color are red and green if you look closely

    I only uploaded this to see what the everyone else thinks. Feel free to comment.

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