• Azutsuki

    Using 1000 Forma

    October 11, 2016 by Azutsuki

    I never thought that I would hit 1k forma used, since I was just forma'ing items that were unique or that I liked. I came to realise how close I was when I made a notepad file a few months back with all my items in it, just because I was bored. I think I had 750-800'ish forma used at the time, so I thought I could aim for 1k forma since I was so close anyways.

    Here are the current stats:

    • Total Forma Used: 1010-ish
    • Warframes: 120
    • Primaries: 363
    • Secondaries: 243
    • Melee: 206
    • Companions: 34
    • Sentinel Weapons: 28
    • Archwings: 5
    • Archwing Primaries: 11
    • Arching Melee: 9
    • Here are my items.

    Now my next milestone is maxing out every item in my inventory, maybe I'll even max out many of the same "family" items that I skipped. (e.g. Gorgon, since I have Prisma/Wraith)


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