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    Monty Oum, the creator of RWBY and the one who shared such amazing gun-weapon combos with us, has sadly passed away. We will remember him and his creativity fondly. *21 Gunblade Salute*

    We've got the Redeemer, and it's a hell of a lot of fun. The blast is stealth, and if it kills enemies it tends to cause them to fly away.

    "Hey, buddy, how's it going!"

    "Oh, fine. Seen any Tenno lately?"

    "Yeah, nah. It's-" *suddenly shoots off into the heavens*

    "Hahhaha, I know, man, it's crazy out there." ... "No way, you actually had the G3 invade a mission-" *suddenly shoots off into the heavens*

    And nobody gives half a shit that two lancers just died in the middle of a conversation and went flying away.

    But now that we have gunblades, it's a bit of Pandora's bo…

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  • Basilisk Centauri

    A simple question, and a simple picture.

    So now that we can customize it, we want to share it! :D I'm interested in seeing what others do with their Lisets because currently I think the most popular colour scheme is "Stalker".

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  • Basilisk Centauri

    Since it sounds like every weapon is going to get a unique mod (so far only obtainable via syndicates), I was wondering what these mods might be. How are they going to work?

    I suspect that much like the Thunderbolt and Firestorm mods, which will only work on bows and explosives launchers respectively, there wont be a single mod for every weapon but more one mod that grants bonuses to a certain weapon type.

    For example, a Charge-based Trigger weapon might get a mod that ramps up the charge time to almost semi-auto levels. Probably a bad example...

    Or maybe we'll get that one mentioned in the Devstream about laser-based weapons getting longer range? The Nukor, Glaxion, and Flux Rifle could definitely benefit from those.

    And of course, the purpose …

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  • Basilisk Centauri

    Currently it seems that the Orokin Void Towers have really sucky chances for getting you the pieces of Prime Stuff that you want. This is mostly because there's only four towers with like 5 mission types each (or four, I forget), and a bazillion Prime drops asociated with each one.

    My crazy and possibly exceedingly insane idea to solve this is...


    There's several builds that can easily dominate T4S, and a few team types that can litterally have you going for as long as Lotus remembers to send you life support. So, for a new and uninspiring challenge, I give you... TOWER V!!!

    This could totally work. Harder enemies and moar space to put loot drops means higher chance of getting the piece you want in the old missions (depending on wha…

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  • Basilisk Centauri

    OK so I was having a little internal debate about Warframe and why it has recently lost its touch for me.

    I somehow forgot how to fun. :(

    Yeah its a great game and all, but the grinding was just getting to me just a teeny tiny bit. I've been trying to level up some gear to rank up in mastery (just need one more level and then I can get the "Godlike" Soma everyone's been worshipping/bashing on about), and I've found the only fun things to do are throw Teslas and Bounces at my teammates.

    Mirage has definitely got to be the most fun I've had in ages though XD Five guesses as to why :P

    But then I need to get things for more stuff and the fun dies down :(

    So, the question of this blog is: Do you go for the efficient stuff or the fun stuff and how do…

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