OK so I was having a little internal debate about Warframe and why it has recently lost its touch for me.

I somehow forgot how to fun. :(

Yeah its a great game and all, but the grinding was just getting to me just a teeny tiny bit. I've been trying to level up some gear to rank up in mastery (just need one more level and then I can get the "Godlike" Soma everyone's been worshipping/bashing on about), and I've found the only fun things to do are throw Teslas and Bounces at my teammates.

Mirage has definitely got to be the most fun I've had in ages though XD Five guesses as to why :P


Explosions are fun. Michael Bay taught us that. ^_^

But then I need to get things for more stuff and the fun dies down :(

So, the question of this blog is: Do you go for the efficient stuff or the fun stuff and how do you do it?

My "Fun" Loadouts have a Thundermirage+Angstrumirage, a ToridMirage (also my "Efficient" anti-infested loadout :P), and a powers-based build for a Vauban so I can sticky and bounce my friends XD

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