Since it sounds like every weapon is going to get a unique mod (so far only obtainable via syndicates), I was wondering what these mods might be. How are they going to work?

I suspect that much like the Thunderbolt and Firestorm mods, which will only work on bows and explosives launchers respectively, there wont be a single mod for every weapon but more one mod that grants bonuses to a certain weapon type.

For example, a Charge-based Trigger weapon might get a mod that ramps up the charge time to almost semi-auto levels. Probably a bad example...

Or maybe we'll get that one mentioned in the Devstream about laser-based weapons getting longer range? The Nukor, Glaxion, and Flux Rifle could definitely benefit from those.

And of course, the purpose of this blog, what are your ideas for these unique mods? What do they do? Which weapon(s) are they for? Which syndicate do you think would grant this mod?

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