• BigToys4BigBoys

    Hey Guys ...

    So , most of the people playing Warframe are not used to the most and definitely annoying thing :

    The Cameras and the Laser-Gates. Most People ( in my opinion ) do not know these are connected ( or even exist).

    I play mostly on Venus to farm Alloy Plates, and then i see guys who just standing in front of Laser-Gates and

    wait till they turn off. So first, destroy any camera you see, its best for you and your partners, second mostly they are

    near the gate you try to past, so just take a look around.

    Now back to the tricky part: if you see a Laser-Gate ... just slide through

    1. Run towards the Gate

    2. start sliding in front of the Gate ( You can even use skills or roll through it )

    3. You're done. Easy going through

    Best Way : Destroy All …

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