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Noise Refinery - The Waking Hour (Beautiful Orchestral)-202:52

Noise Refinery - The Waking Hour (Beautiful Orchestral)-2

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The most rare resources I feature are as followed:



Orokin Cell

Neural Sensors



Uncommon & common resources:







Nano Spores

! (Oxium will drop in every Corpus map.)

! (Control Modules, Argon Crystals as well as Alloy Plates can easily be found in high quantity in any Void Survival.)


What's needed and how it works:


Mag’s job is to gather all dropped resources in one place while also providing all the energy for the rest of her team. She uses her 1st skill “Pull” with her augment mod. Make sure to switch fore and back because the ability is only a small cone in front of you.

Mods: Greedy Pull and maxed power Range 


Hydroid x2:

Both of the Hydroids will provide the extreme loot by killing all enemies with his 4th skill “Tentacle Swarm”, again with his own augment mod. Aim in the general direction of the enemy's swarm and don't kill with anything else than his ability. What the augment mod does? With maxed strength it will quadruple(4x) dropped loot.

Mods: Pilfering Swarm, maxed power Strength , the Stretch mod andFleeting Expertise ! (Important, because you will kill quickly, recast it somewhere else + to reduce heavy energy cost.)



On top of Hydroid's swarm ability, Nekros will roll the drop tables once again of each fallen enemy. To reach all he needs both range mods.

Mods: Maxed power Range 


Additional Tips:

Excavation works best because of the very high spawn rates of enemies, although only as long as the excavator has power. 

Sweet spot = till 1300 Cryotic


Survival is the other good option, again because of the good/endless spawn. A good place to stay has multiple entrances, don't fear moving around and trying out different rooms!

Sweet spot = till 30min


Corpus are the easiest to kill since Hydroid's Tentacle Swarm is 100% magnetic damage.


Auras(if you have):

On Corpus maps use Shield Disruption.

On Grineer maps use Corrosive Projection.



Maps it works best:

Earth - Tikal (Neurodes, Rubedo, Ferrite) Grineer Dark Sector Excavation and it's taken by Synergy which means 2% tax : )

Mars - Arcadia (Gallium, Morphics, Salvage) Corpus Survival with Gallium and Morphics? Sounds good to me!

Jupiter - Cameria/Elara (Neural Sensors, Salvage, Alloy Plates) Dark Sector or not, your choice.

Saturn - Cassini (Orokin Cell, Plastids, Nano Spores) Grineer Survival


Final Tips:

If you are a real team player(?) don't hesitate and buy a well worth Resource Drop Chance Booster. It doubles the chance, not only for you but your whole party, to drop loot by fallen enemies.

And if you're like me and want to go full "now or never" buy the Resource Booster too for maximum loot :D


Final Final Tips:p

If you want to extend this strategy e.g. for resources I didn’t include, simply keep in mind Excavation and Survival work best. Try the mission with the lowest enemy level first, make sure everyone is doing her/his job but also listen to your teammates. Good luck!


If it helped you or if you just like what you read, make sure to leave a comment : )


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