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  • Blizt1998

    Guys the long awaited Update 12 highlight is finally out! Check it out on Youtube or here. And the new wind frame is Zephyr, congrats to Liger for getting their idea choosen! 

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  • Blizt1998

    Braton Prime build help!!

    September 11, 2013 by Blizt1998

    I just got my hand on my baby - the Braton Prime after hundreds of void runs. I potatoed it already because I just love it, even if it's bad. And now I need some help to turn it into an all-faction shredder. 

    • I got a lot of Formas, so I don't mind if it requires Forma.
    • I'm not a crit player, so please suggest me some good raw damage loadout please.
    • I have all rifle mods (including event mods and Nightmare mods), so please make use of those mod.
    • I'm not a fan of the Bane of faction mod series, so let's just use elemental mods.
    • I use ammo boxes, so ignore the ammo drum mod or sth like that and concentrate on damage mod please.

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  • Blizt1998

    OK so U10 is coming. We already know that there will be a new Grineer Tileset with lots of new features and J3-Golem rework... as show during the Livestream 10. I'm hoping that they will add more Long Swords because all those Dual Blades are dominating the melee weapons system. And more Clan Weapons. Or perhaps a new space system! (since we are getting bored with those old maps in the Sol System). So what do you expect in the next update? Please tell everyone here!

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