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  • I was born on October 20
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  • Blur410

    Warframe: Placates (pronounced similarly to Socrates)

    Codex: Controlling his infection, Placates' muscle mass has been replaced with rapidly reproducing infested worms, causing mass crushing power on the battle field.

    Health: 200 base 600 max Shields: 0.1 base 0.4 max Armor: 280 Speed: 1.8

    1. Reave: Lunge and knock down your foes. Base: 6m Range+3 Aoe knockdown 200 damage, max 18m Range+8m Aoe 800 damage 25 energy

    2. Toxic Field: Creates an intoxicating effect on nearby entities, healing friends and debilitating foes. base 1 m effective range, +/- 3% heal/Poison damage with 100% proc chance lasts 8 sec or 2x ticks (16 ticks) max 3.5m range +/- 8% 32 sec or 2x ticks (64 ticks), is able to heal self and allies while damaging enemies, 50 energy Discription…

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