Warframe: Placates (pronounced similarly to Socrates)

Codex: Controlling his infection, Placates' muscle mass has been replaced with rapidly reproducing infested worms, causing mass crushing power on the battle field.

Health: 200 base 600 max Shields: 0.1 base 0.4 max Armor: 280 Speed: 1.8

1. Reave: Lunge and knock down your foes. Base: 6m Range+3 Aoe knockdown 200 damage, max 18m Range+8m Aoe 800 damage 25 energy

2. Toxic Field: Creates an intoxicating effect on nearby entities, healing friends and debilitating foes. base 1 m effective range, +/- 3% heal/Poison damage with 100% proc chance lasts 8 sec or 2x ticks (16 ticks) max 3.5m range +/- 8% 32 sec or 2x ticks (64 ticks), is able to heal self and allies while damaging enemies, 50 energy Discription: Placates secretes a semi-toxic salvae over his outer layer, a welcome blessing to Tenno and friends, but controllably deadly to anything else.

3. Infected Spores: Releases Gaseous spores from the ground, infecting surrounding hosts and dealing heavy damage. Converts surrounding enemies to Infested faction and deals Gas damage with a 100% proc chance, base 8m range 150 gas damage max 22m range 600 gas damage 100 energy Discription: Placates forces his hands into the ground, allowing the ground to release infected spores, converting enemies to the Infested faction and reacting accordingly, as well as leaving a small aoe gas cloud over each enemy, the enemies can attack anyone that is not of the Infested faction. They retain ranged weapons if they had any, and any flesh based enemies are converted to Infested tissue, while Machenery is converted into bits of sinew.

4. Summon Worms: Ethereally attached worms help manipulate the battlefield to your advantage. Causes base 25% movement speed increase, targets random enemies(up to 2 at a time, kills each enemy in 2-5 sec, depending on enemy level) in a 10m radius, lasts 8 seconds, max 100% speed increase, targets 16m radius (up to 6 targets at a time, kills in 2-5 sec, depending on enemy level), lasts 24 seconds. 100 energy Discription: Placates howls deeply as worms form from under him, giving him and those standing in the immedieate vicinity a quick mode of transportation, as well as allowing the bursting of worms upon your foes, strangling them into the ground and dismembering them.

Unique Animation: Sprint= crawls on all fours at high speed (20 meters/sec ish), unable to fire until out of sprint. (Not extremely necessary)

New Cosmetic Item: Medusa Syndana available on all frames.

Concept art coming soon!

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