So I was fooling around the lore encyclopedia in game (that is enter your profile -> click lore buttion).

I've seen that the events leading to Gradivus dilemma have been written in there way before the event started and there is one more interesting thing. The first post of the next episode is titled "Vor's prize" suggesting that he will recive a reward for something.

Any Idea what? You got it! It could be just a placeholder thought. You can add to that the fact that greenier usually give better payment.

I was aslo thinking a bit about the zanuka project. Please look at this:

Berserker 1
Bersker at first appears like a normal frame. Some people made a joke about it begin a bit animalistic (furry?). However when you look closer you can tell. It's not a warframe. It's a half-naked Tenno.

She's wearing corpus-made handcuffs and collar. Other than that there is a lot of reddish flesh seenable to the naked eye. All those vires and metal parts on skin are probably part of the frame integreted right to the body. 

The other more interesting fact is that she has eyes controrary to what Aldav V is saying in one of his quotes.

It would appear that Zanuka project is not about a brainwash but reverse engeeniering the warframes and seeing how they function. While we are talking, Aldav is disecting Tennos from thier armors, crushing them to pieces and analysing how they work. Quiet interesting.

What do you guys think?

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