You might have not noticed this if you play warframe every day for the past few months or years, but whilst way more pretty the new map is not only a bit more confusing but also far less ergonomic. Finding a mission I want to do or putting out extractors requires lots and lots of scrolling out and in, waving around the galaxy and overall being lost in a sea of lines, which come in three colors (white, blue and black) that don't tell me anything at the moment.

First of all, where are my tool-tips? When I'm zoomed out and point at a planet, why don't I get a text-box with the level range, factions present, resources dropped and maybe mission types listed as well? This would make navigating the galaxy be at least three times as fast. Instead I have to zoom into onto every planed and check every single node for points of interest. It's annoying.

Second, why not go further and give us a mission browser? Let me open up a list and tick a level range, factions, mission types and resources wanted and then light up all the planets and mission nodes that have those things while dimming all the ones that don't.

Those are the things I hoped for when they announced a new galaxy map. Instead I received a graphical overhaul that looks kinda confusing and not much else. All we get is a warframe head that wiredly jumps from left to right. I guess their main concern was to make the map easier to follow for new players, since the net slowly unfolds as you play the game. But even those players are at some point going to forget what did they do on the beginning planets or where did they drop which resource. 

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