This current event made me maybe not realize but admit that warframe went a peculiar change over the course of the development. Most of it probably related to the power creep within the game.

Many people would argue that the damage needs to be taken down, but that's a very limited anwser to an unalayzed problem. The thing is, in the current state Warframe is a...puzzle game of sorts? A perfectionist speed run game. Like super meat boy or dust force. Your only goal is to get through the mission as efficient as possible and there's no real threat to your progress avilable aside of losing time. 

At the current moment especially in the end game, nothing has a health bar because of the insane damage and nothing is interesting, because the drop rates take away time. But it's still fun in it's own right. So while the game would need all the damage ever to become smaller and everything to get a bit more health it should still be considiered to keep some of the current formula. Keeping some weapons deadly in ceriant situations or making some types of monsters remain as fragile glass cannon's as they are right now.

I would probably also like to see reviveing sap your credits or something instead of just a bit of affinity gained, since it's just you get less, which again, isn't much of a punishment.

Even if they would like to keep the Shoot and Slash formula, instead of the alleged ninja in space theme, they should really take thier time and make some sort of damage 2,5. Re-balance the w hole game to easy out the peacing, drop rates included. It's like we're not really asked to play and enjoy the game but instead to rush and farm it. And we do because we get our carrot at the end of the stick. Which is useless and needless like it always was, but oh well. Dopamine I guess.

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