• BradTheImpaler

    New Warframe Navbox

    October 28, 2015 by BradTheImpaler

    Hello all, I have taken the recent liberty of constructing a different navbox for Warframes. DO NOT FEAR: The old one still exists and is unchanged! I just made a new one for the sake of our mobile users. The new one (which I made off of the sentinel navbox, so credit to whoever made that) has a horizontal scroll, so one does not need to scroll down forever to reach the body of the page on a mobile browser or even the specific Warframe Wikia app.

    So, I want to see which people like more. I have left the new navbox up on the page (it's currently {{

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  • BradTheImpaler


    I am aware that Hannibal Cross did a blog post on this subject not too long ago, but I am going over it again because I believe I have a slightly different perspective, and I would like to expand on the topic and give my two cents. I recommend that you go and see his wondrous blog post here: User_blog:Hannibal_Cross/Frankenstein_Weapons_and_their_future_in_Warframe

    EDIT: IMPORTANT: Many comments have been made with very solid arguments and points made in them. I have read all of the comments, and have adjusted my blog to reflect on the very valid points that have been made. Thank you for reading and taking the time to respond!

    Now Down to Business...

    That aside, let's have an anecdotal entrance. The other day, my friend got Warframe. As…

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  • BradTheImpaler

    From many sessions of perusing other Wikis and online encyclopedias, I have come up with a proposal that I feel this Wiki is lacking, but the others have (it's not stealing, it's inspiration). I am aware that there are pages dedicated to Dev Streams. I simply feel that having one page dedicated to upcoming features would be nice, simply from an ease of access point of view. Having all of the information easily accessible in one spot would probably just be more convenient for people who don't want to take the time to read the written summaries of the streams or listen to the whole stream if they missed it.

    TL;DR, should there be a new page containing info for the next upcoming update?

    Leave comments and feedback below! Please, I am eager to he…

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