Hello all, I have taken the recent liberty of constructing a different navbox for Warframes. DO NOT FEAR: The old one still exists and is unchanged! I just made a new one for the sake of our mobile users. The new one (which I made off of the sentinel navbox, so credit to whoever made that) has a horizontal scroll, so one does not need to scroll down forever to reach the body of the page on a mobile browser or even the specific Warframe Wikia app.

So, I want to see which people like more. I have left the new navbox up on the page (it's currently {{TestTemplate}} in the code).

Now for the comparison:


NEW Template:TestTemplate


PetCarrier DEPetDethcube ArcDrone PetDjinn PetCorpusMelee DEPetShade PetTaxon DEPetWyrm
Dethcube Diriga Djinn Helios
Taxon Wyrm

It is noteworthy that the most drastic changes would be noticed on mobile, rather than desktop.

Anyhow, feel free to edit the new navbox to make it prettier and whatnot (the old one is a lot more aesthetically pleasing), or remove it completely. I won't cry. Too much, anyway.

What are your thoughts?

The poll was created at 07:30 on October 28, 2015, and so far 535 people voted.

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