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    Patch History

    May 5, 2016 by Brizingr5

    More big projects!

    This time we're working on making a "patch history" for each item in the game. So far you can see what we mean here. We would like to add a section like this for all items (frames, weapons, resources, etc.).

    We are using as a container; see the League of Legends item, Deathfire Grasp, as an example of the end goal.

    For Warframes it made sense to make a whole page, but on other items it doesn't make sense. Instead:

    1. Edit the Patch History section of the page (should be just above the See Also section; if not, feel free to add one if you have a history to add)
    2. Remove the template from within the .
    3. Find any occurrence of the item within the recorded patch history (Google Doc of the patch history from here on the wiki)
      • Using ctrl+f…

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  • Brizingr5

    Yay for hopefully thought-provoking blogs!

    The statement "Warframe is unbalanced" comes as no new concept to many players, but what does this mean? Look at the comment section of any of the frames and you'll probably find a few comments saying "this is OP" or "I wish this was more useful" followed by a heated discussion of balance. However, before we dive into these debates, I think it's important to have a proper understanding of our own point of view.

    Before we can claim something is unbalanced or that something needs to be done about it, we should ask a few questions to justify ourselves and to get a bigger picture of how things fit together.

    1. In what terms is this feature unbalanced?
      • Does it give you a significant advantage over other pla…
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    State of the Game

    May 7, 2014 by Brizingr5

    This is another thought provoking blog, not a tech blog like most of my other ones were. Enjoy the heated debate!

    Recently I was watching the trailers for the Star Wars: The Old Rebublic game and was reminded of how much of a let-down the game was (and almost any game to date has been) in comparison to the hype those trailers bring, and it sort of made me realize something.

    In the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, a "killstreak" is considered 5 or more kills within a few seconds (I don't know the details, nore could I find them quickly, but that's not the point). In the entire Halo series, squads of 10-20 are considered large, even when using vehicles. Dark Souls considered 4 enemies to be a nightmare at times, and we come out of missions with k…

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  • Brizingr5

    Weapon Infobox U11

    November 20, 2013 by Brizingr5

    For the record, DE created the most over complicated damage system in the world, so here's the infobox to support it on the wiki. Just about every single field has been changed, so no shortcuts this time guys. Sorry.

    Well, no real new features. I re-organized the fields into sections, you might like that. Added more fields for the U11 damage model, as well as some additional weapon stats some people might like. Have some blank templates:

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  • Brizingr5

    As most of everything I do on the wiki, this blog is designed to improve the communities understanding of the game. Please do not leave comments if you have not read this in full.

    Starting off with my own personal "dream team" of frames:

    Nova, Saryn, Trinity/Nekros, Nekros/Vauban/Frost.

    Nova and Saryn are generally very good for high level damage combos. Saryn's ability to stack her ult/venom and nova's ability to apply a 2x damage multiplier to everything in a room, and then deal hundreds of thousands of damage with antimatter drop (see: [1] [2] [3] [4]), there isn't much that will still be left standing after those two have had their way on the battle field.

    For any high level team, a Trinity is a must. Both the Energy Regeneration she pr…

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