As most of everything I do on the wiki, this blog is designed to improve the communities understanding of the game. Please do not leave comments if you have not read this in full.

Starting off with my own personal "dream team" of frames:

The Dream Team

Nova, Saryn, Trinity/Nekros, Nekros/Vauban/Frost.

Nova and Saryn are generally very good for high level damage combos. Saryn's ability to stack her ult/venom and nova's ability to apply a 2x damage multiplier to everything in a room, and then deal hundreds of thousands of damage with antimatter drop (see: [1] [2] [3] [4]), there isn't much that will still be left standing after those two have had their way on the battle field.

For any high level team, a Trinity is a must. Both the Energy Regeneration she provides and the permanent invulnerability she can supply (yes, blessing can be kept active 100% of the time, save the casting time) becomes extremely useful when going head to head with level 100+ enemies (150-200+ if you're good at evasion). However, if you don't plan on spending more than an hour in any given mission, she can easily be swapped out with Nekros, as he will generally supply sufficient energy/health to the team for shorter, less mlg, so prooooo, tryhard games.

As far as the last frame goes, it really depends on what you're doing. If you want maximum rewards, grab a Nekros. If you're doing a defense mission, grab a Vauban for infested or Frost for any other defense. If you're looking for speed runs, grab a Volt as he can both deal damage AND keep the team moving (see: Synapse and Electric Shield).

Most other frames fall short of the ones listed here, and whatever they bring to the table will be overshadowed by the possibilities that these frames provide. Unfortunately, since the Developers still consider the "end-game" to be around lvl 130's, not the lvl 300's most frames and weapons are capable of going head to head without much hesitation, a maximized team doesn't really matter all that much.

Where does Rhino fit in?

Now, this is where I gripe out Rhino's complete lack of usefulness. Going through his abilities one by one, lets watch as this team has absolutely no use for him in an situation (if I'm wrong, please provide reasoning bellow).

  1. Rhino Charge:
    • Ok... moderate CC... gets rhino right in the way of danger... not really one of his strong points, and definitely provides nothing to the team.
  2. Iron Skin:
    • Yes, it's SUPPOSED to draw agro. If it actually did that properly, we wouldn't have needed a trinity to hit more than an hour or two during the survival event. Make this work a bit better and I might start to consider him.
      • I would actually go so far as to consider Nyx and her Absorb better in this regard, because it provides both a shield AND seems to draw much better agro than any other form of it.
    • It doesn't shield the rest of the team; only himself against anything that doesn't happen to deal around 1000 damage within 5 seconds.
      • This is why Trinity is in my dream team, not Rhino. Perma-blessing can take infinite amounts of damage as long as you position yourself properly in between blessings and don't get sloppy.
    • Anti-CC Measure, sure, but you leave the rest of your team to flop around like floppy fish... selfish and does not provide the rest of the team with cover. Again, falls short to Trinity's blessing.
  3. Roar
    • Nova's M-Prime simply over-shadows it. Not much more to be said there. If he offered one other thing to the table, like a viable agro mechanic or something, I might consider stacking the two and replacing somebody else, but until then... really not helpful.
  4. Rhino Stomp
    • Slight CC, actually gets in the way of it being a proper damage dealing ult (see bellow explanation of Miasma)
    • Deals decent damage for an ult, however, it gets overshadowed by the two damage dealing classes I mentioned above (AM-Drop for Nova, and just about any of Saryn's abilities when used properly).

Saryn's Miasma Mechanics

Now we get to learn about Miasma and why it over-shadows Rhino Stomp so much.

Saryn's Ultimate ability, Miasma, deals ### damage per tick (dependent on Power Strength) over # number of ticks (dependent on Power Duration). HOWEVER, she is capable of stacking these on top of each other, so by double-tapping her ult, she will get twice as many ticks in the same amount of time (no it's not a bug, you still spend the same amount of energy, just dish out the damage faster). This will actually work for as long as you have energy to burn, so you can dump your entire energy bar into ult'ing immediately.

Because of this, she gains a very distinct advantage over Rhino Stomp because of its need to wait until all targets have stopped floating before Rhino can cast it again. Throw in a Trinity with my super special EV build (see: Trinity's second build (have to click expand)), and energy doesn't become a problem for any frame that wants to just spam some high energy abilities (a tactic rhino is unable to do due to the CC mechanic of his ult).


The frames listed above can cover just about any high-level situation, including things that don't even exist, such as level 100-150+ Vor/Kril combo's. Sure, some of them might lose/gain the spotlight depending on situation, but I can't think of a situation towards the end game where replacing any of these frames can be taken as a tactical, positive choice. If you disagree, feel free to explain bellow.

tl;dr- Don't comment.

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