• Buggynaut


    April 27, 2015 by Buggynaut

    Hi, It's Buggy here. I'm intrested in creating an infogram on warframe. If you want to know we're to find this info. Look at your profile tab.

    So below in the comments please answer

    1. Who was your first frame

    2. First Prime

    3. Hours played

    4. Enemy's killed

    5. Bosses killed

    6. Total credit income

    7. Real life Money spent on the game

    Thank you for answering.

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  • Buggynaut

    Guess which warframe these are if your correct then you get into a raffle for a prize of 100 plat on ps4. Put your answers down below. Leave answers in the comments below. Say if you use ps4 please.

    Contest is OVER

    Answers were

    1. Rhino Prime

    2. Excalabuir

    3. Mesa

    4. Nyx

    5. Nekros

    6. Vauban

    7. Zephr

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