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    I haven't really made any blogs lately as I've been working on my Warframe-related YouTube channel instead. For some reason I'm better at working with videos than typing up blogs most of the time.

    That said, while I was screwing around with specters awhile back, I found out that you can actually make Mesa specters that are permanently stuck in peacemaker mode, walking around with reduced speed and blasting everything in range with (mostly) one-hit kills. So I made a video about it, which became relatively popular, and I think you'll find it very entertaining as well.

    Recently I've been promoting my channel on the forums and recieving good feedback, and after participating in Darthmufin's Roller Specter Challenge I thought I'd try to engage w…

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    After working tirelessly for ~5 hours, I've finally tracked down, unblocked, downloaded and translated 4 Chinese Warframe Trailers.

    They can be viewed on my channel, and (I checked) this is the first time these trailers are available on YouTube.


    Disclaimer: Video quality and translations are not perfect, they are to the best of my ability.

    I will upload more trailers and info as soon as possible. Stay tuned. Subscribe!

    To those who are still pissed about the "China-exclusive" Shadow/Umbra Excalibur Prime, those corkscrew primed throwing knives and that primed melee weapon, please stop. They will be available to us in as little as 30 days.

    Make those videos viral and stuff.

    FAQs and such

    Yes, Chinese Warframe is i…

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    As of Hotfix, Exalted Blade will no longer automatically activate life strike, you have to MANUALLY CHANNEL to use life strike, draining a good amount of energy. You can kinda still exploit it by channeling and using the waves to boost health, so there is no additional channeling energy penalty, but the health restored is mediocre, especially in endgame.

    Everyone is using the reworked excalibur, so here is a quick guide on how to optimize him effectively. His last ability is the most fun I've had in warframe in ages.

    If you find this type of build/guide blog boring, tell me how I can improve or if I should stop doing this type of modding guide blog entirely, in the comments.

    Let's cut to the chase.

    • Might of the Grineer Montage: https:…

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    Welcome to my second blog! Warframe is a nice game and all, but sometimes you feel like there just isn't enough to do. While we wait for update 17, here are some sidequests you might not know you could do in Warframe to relieve boredom.

    Changelog 19/6

    • New upload: Warframe - Random Dialogue

    Yep, antitoxin runs on Earth sabotage is still a thing! To play this ancient event, just go to Earth and bring a helios sentinel or a synthesis scanner with the "chance for double scan" vector you can buy from Cephalon Simaris to scan all the plants and stuff for "extracts". You can still buy the antitoxin crafting blueprints in the market (gear section). After you've built the antitoxins, EQUIP THEM, and go to th…

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    Welcome to my first ever Warframe Wiki blog. I recently joined the Blade and Gun challenge but lost, and now I'm gonna tell the story of how I made that screenshot. Today I'm gonna cover a build for your angstrum (corpus swarm missile launcher) that will allow you to literally fire 105 rockets in a single charged shot.

    Here is my build:

    As you can see, I've maxed out my clip capacity with Ice Storm, Slip Magazine and Tainted Clip for 4 extra rounds in the magazine. As you know, the angstrum has a dual fire mechanism. Clicking once fires a single rocket but firing a charged shot empties the entire magazine, regardless of mag' size'. By abusing magazine size and multishot (with barrel diffusion and lethal torrent you can get +180% multishot), y…

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