Welcome to my first ever Warframe Wiki blog. I recently joined the Blade and Gun challenge but lost, and now I'm gonna tell the story of how I made that screenshot. Today I'm gonna cover a build for your angstrum (corpus swarm missile launcher) that will allow you to literally fire 105 rockets in a single charged shot.

Here is my build:

Captain's Angstrum

5 forma so far...

As you can see, I've maxed out my clip capacity with Ice Storm, Slip Magazine and Tainted Clip for 4 extra rounds in the magazine. As you know, the angstrum has a dual fire mechanism. Clicking once fires a single rocket but firing a charged shot empties the entire magazine, regardless of mag' size'. By abusing magazine size and multishot (with barrel diffusion and lethal torrent you can get +180% multishot), you have a 80% chance of firing TWENTY ONE rockets per charged shot by procing multishot.

By adding some generic damage mods and elemental mods etc, you can get up to 8000+ damage per multishotshot (on every 3 rockets) with only a rank 5 hornet strike, which allows you to completely saturated a wide area with a ridiculous amount of rockets.

"But you said we would have 105..."

Calm down, i was getting to that >=D

The answer is Mirage's hall of mirrors. With 4 dopplegangers spawned, you will have a total of 21 x 5 = 105 total rockets fired. It let's you do stuff like this...

Captain's Mirage

Mirage has a thing with posing...

Captain's Swag

Better than the fireworks in the game!

...and this...

Captain's Swag2

Looks like a miniature nuclear explosion!

"You know what to do! Get out there and kill 'em all!" (Starship Troopers =P)

Like neffy always says, "RNG be the word, and the word, be profit."

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