I haven't really made any blogs lately as I've been working on my Warframe-related YouTube channel instead. For some reason I'm better at working with videos than typing up blogs most of the time.

That said, while I was screwing around with specters awhile back, I found out that you can actually make Mesa specters that are permanently stuck in peacemaker mode, walking around with reduced speed and blasting everything in range with (mostly) one-hit kills. So I made a video about it, which became relatively popular, and I think you'll find it very entertaining as well.

Recently I've been promoting my channel on the forums and recieving good feedback, and after participating in Darthmufin's Roller Specter Challenge I thought I'd try to engage with you guys as well and get more views.

Right now I have a decent lineup of 30+ videos and I upload every 1-2 weeks and I spend about 4 hours on each video. I almost always include comedy elements in my videos. Feel free to subscribe if you enjoyed my content.

Peacemaker Specters - Warframe01:06

Peacemaker Specters - Warframe

6-forma Mk1-Braton chipchip - Warframe02:34

6-forma Mk1-Braton chipchip - Warframe

Roller Specter Challenge - Warframe-003:23

Roller Specter Challenge - Warframe-0

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