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Welcome to my second blog! Warframe is a nice game and all, but sometimes you feel like there just isn't enough to do. While we wait for update 17, here are some sidequests you might not know you could do in Warframe to relieve boredom.

Changelog 19/6

Number 1: Do Ciero Crisis Antitoxin Missions

Yep, antitoxin runs on Earth sabotage is still a thing! To play this ancient event, just go to Earth and bring a helios sentinel or a synthesis scanner with the "chance for double scan" vector you can buy from Cephalon Simaris to scan all the plants and stuff for "extracts". You can still buy the antitoxin crafting blueprints in the market (gear section). After you've built the antitoxins, EQUIP THEM, and go to the mission Mariana, Earth (sabotage). If at least one person in the squad is carrying an antitoxin, the Lotus will have different dialogue throughout the mission than usual and everyone will get extra rewards at completion, even if they don't have an antitoxin equipped. Just remember to put the antitoxin in the injector BEFORE you press the button to start the sabotage sequence. Find all the hidden Grineer caches on the map for extra swag. If you find all the caches and sabotage the injector with an antitoxin, you should get 5 extra end-of-mission rewards. Using stronger antitoxins give better rewards, see details below.

Tier 1 Antitoxins (Meh Drops)

Beryl and Amythyst Antitoxins

Tier 2 Antitoxins (Still Meh Drops)

Citrine or Topaz Antitoxins

Tier 3 Antitoxins (Chance for Epic Loot)

Lapis and Vermillion Antitoxins

Possible Loot

Including but not limited to: Forma bp, Pre-made Forma, Detonite Injector, Neurodes, Fusion Cores, Credit Caches

Disclaimer: This is NOT really a viable place to farm forma and detonite injectors, the antitoxin crafting is too tedious and the drop chance is kinda meh, but it's still fun, so whatever.

Number 2: Watch Enemies Fight Each Other in the Simulacrum

In case you didn't know, enemies of different factions are still hostile to each other in the simulacrum. Get out and scan mini-boss type enemies like the corpus Lynx, the infested Juggernaut Behemoth, Grineer Manics and Bombard Manics, and Corrupted Bombards and watch them duke it out in the Matrix while using a duration build Loki.

1 Grineer manic vs 10 Corpus Elite Crewmen, who will win?

Number 3: Build a Specter Army

After the specter change where you can tell them to hold position and whatnot, specters have been buffed alot. Before, they just follow you around and barely shoot enemies, and when they do start shooting, it's like they are shooting BBs and the reload after only like 5 shots. Now, however, they are not completely useless! My favorite specter loadout is Penta/Frost/Telos Akbolto/Jat Kittag. This loadout ensures maximum survivability and DPS, as the specter is not retarded and WILL detonate grenades on contact with enemies automatically. The penta can one-hit lesser mobs and deal signifigant damage to heavier units, try to build a pack of ten vapor specters and they will watch your back.

My recorded gameplay:


Regardless of syndicate or tenno specters, always tell them to hold position, or they will rarely fire at enemies. This makes them good for survival, interception, defense, etc missions. The shield osprey specter will only use it's laser rifle in "hold position" mode.

Ancient healer specters give high damage resistance and immunity to status procs to all allies and objectives within 10 meters, estimated damage mitigation: 80%. (someone else's video here for proof, skip to the middle:

Number 4: Disguise your Warframes and Weapons

With a bit of skill, you can easily disguise your syndicate weapons, prime weapons and prisma weapons as the default variant and vice versa. It's kinda fun to mess around with. SuzukiSwift suggested that you can try to make your warframe as ugly as possible and then see how randoms react.

  • Ember Prime with Scindo Prime
  • Frost Prime with Vaykor Marelok
  • Mag Prime with Normal Gorgon
  • Rhino Prime with Boltor Prime

Number 5: Collect all Boss Sigils

These sigils all have different animations, for example, Sargus Ruk's sigil has a fire-y animation.

List of bosses that drop sigils:

Alad V, Ambulas, Hyena Pack, Jackal, Lech Kril, Lephantis, Lynx, Phorid, Raptor, Sargas Ruk, Vay Hek, Vor, Grustrag 3, Zanuka Hunter, Stalker.

Number 6: Farm the Brakk or Four Riders via Trials

Now that raids are a thing again, you can easily farm brakk parts and four riders with a nekros in your squad. The g3 have a guaranteed appearance in the hijack part of the trial and manics are everywhere for you to farm. Bring a nekros to desecrate the g3 and waypoint them for squadmates. I once found all 3 brakk parts in a single non-nightmare trial. (might just be RNG, but still...)

Number 7: Collect all Spy 2.0 Event Dual Stat Elemental Mods

Spy 2.0 missions now drop old event mods, go to the Spy 2.0 wiki page for more details. Test your ninja skills and farm the mods to collect or sell! One type of Grineer Vault even has a stolen Corpus Lynx inside, and it will activate if you trigger the alarm and start killing everything around it, Grineer included.

As of now, 8 dual stat elemental mods can be farmed.

Number 8: Explore the Relays

If you're bored, head over to the Mercury Relay and parkour your way up to the top platform thingy and brag about it in chat. Visit the Steel Meridian Enclave and hang out with the Lancer chillaxing above on the netting and another who is watering the potted plant. Might keep you entertained for awhile.

Number 9: Play Conclave / Collect all Conclave-dropped Mods / Duel Clanmates

Conclave is pretty fun once you've tried it, if feels like an actual ninja shooter, where you need to coptor around and actually dodge bullets and stuff. Team Annihilation is a good place to start, and you can play together with your friends and troll the enemy team by hiding in some secret spots on the map.

Popular spots to hide are ducts on the maps, the side thing on the Corpus map... (hard to explain and too lazy to find and screenshot)

You can also duel with clanmates (melee only, no skills, no companions) and set up prizes, like free fusion cores via trading if you win. I142 suggested in the comments that clanmates can duel with warframes with no mods equipped with fully modded bows so bow hits are one hit kill, to test each player's skill in dodging and firing, etc.


Unfair Loki Dueling Build

Number 10: Participate in DE's Gun and Blade Challenge

DE has a Blade and Gun challenge where you take screenshots and submit them into the competition, you could win an exclusive sigil, Forum titles and Plat. Try it out of you wanna try something different.

Number 11: Play Archwing Missions or Farm all Archwings and Weapons

Archwing missions can be fun (if you like that kind of thing), so go ahead and rank up everything archwing related for mastery points, and fly around in space. Archwing intercept, exterminate and sabotage missions have a chance to drop weapon or archwing parts at the end of the mission. Find more details on the archwing section in the wiki. Archwing Conclave?

Number 12: Put 8 Forma into a Mk1-Braton (and bring it to a Trial or something)

Because why the hell not? You can crank it up to about 6000 damage per second fully modded and maxed out. 

Work in progress: 


Potatoed and Forma'd Mk1-Braton

Bonus: Be a Blogger on this Wiki

It's really pretty simple, and you will get lots of feedback, so why not post something quirky or interesting?

Top 10 Tips and Tricks blog coming soon... maybe.

Comment below if you have any ideas for sidequests in Warframe.

Have a nice day Tenno!

Ideas Inspired by Comments

*Will update once in awhile*

Make an account before you post your comment so you can be credited below!

1. Do speed runs in the Dojo obstacle course with a Loki with rush and sprint aura. (A Lone Tenno)

2. Transmute mods. (DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!) Mods like Shield Flux can only be obtained though transmutation. You can also use transmutation cores if have the standing, as they reduce the credit cost to 0 and guarantee the mod is of a certain polarity. (A Lone Tenno)

3. Go treasure hunting sabotage caches and syndicate medallions. (A Lone Tenno)

4. Duel clanmates using warframes with no survivability mods and fully modded bows (for one hit kills) to test dodging and aiming skills. (I142)

5. Start supporting a new neutral syndicate you weren't affiliated with. (A Lone Tenno)

6. Try playing missions with the HUD turned off via settings (A Lone Tenno)

7. Attempt to make your warframe as ugly as possible, and see randoms' reactions. (SuzukiSwift)

8. Do "Loadout Roulette" aka try out random underrated frames and weapons and do T4 missions. (Pie mastyr)

9. Do Grineer or Corpus hijack missions on Ceres and Europa still playable after Tethra's Doom event (Captainfung)

10. Hunt down the new Infested assassin (Juggernaut) on Eris. (Captainfung)

11. Try to do the trial or nightmare trial if you haven't done so already, even if you THINK you're not ready yet (Captainfung)

12. Watch these Warframe comedy videos by various people *Will be updated once in awhile*

(i) MLG Warframe [comedy] (NightWinGame)

(ii) Grineer Commander [comedy] (Quiette Shy)

(iii) Warframe / Random Moments Playlist/Series [comedy] (Riccoshot) Newest episode:

(iv) Warframe: The Movie - Fanmade Trailer [comedy] (Power Changes Everything)

(v) The Sword Alone Montage [montage] (BluJet95)

(vi) Warframe - Prime Access Trailer [comedy] (Szczebrzeszyniarz Brzeczyszczyczmoszyski)

(vii) Warframe - Vor's Prize Teaser Trailer [cinematic] (StallordD)

  • Captain Vor gets demoted after screwing up the tutorial, lol.

13. Play the all too forgotten Wyrmius and Happy Zephyr mini-games (Although the latter should only be played for very short amounts of time to prevent property damage/flaming in regional) (A Lone Tenno)

14. Head to Mercury and help out some noobs. (Andrew-1224)

15. Read my first blog, How to fire 105 rockets in a single shot (literally) here:

My third blog is out too! How to Excalibur: A Comprehensive Guide

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