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    More Warmemes.

    October 3, 2013 by CaptainHindsight

    Inspired by the wiki blog by FlocKster5 I have made some more warmemes for shits and giggles. These are complete ripoffs of the normal memes everyone sees everywhere, like scumbag steve, good guy greg and the rest. They are based on different players I've played with, seen on visits to the Warframe forums, and occasionally myself. I think a lot of people will recognize themselves or others in these. Please don't take them too seriously, there's no agenda to make players who like certain frames look like assholes, I just made them up as I thought of them. 

    Feel free to suggest new ones!


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  • CaptainHindsight

    (If you can't be bothered to read it all, feel free to just focus on the bold text, it highlights the major points I'm trying to get across)

    Yeah, this is going to be about what warframes and weapons are the best. Brace yourselves for the butthurt. As usual, I'm going to focus on very high level defense, because there's no point in using soloing as an argument when you can solo anything besides high level defense with any frame. Perhaps someone will find this information useful for helping decide what warframes or weapons to spend their orokin reactors, catalysts and forma on.

    I'm going to start off by trying to save you some trouble and point out a bunch of stuff that people usually feel the need to point out when I write things.  I know they w…

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  • CaptainHindsight

    Ok, first of all, I love playing Warframe, I already do it way too much, so don't give me any of that crap about "if you don't like it, play another game!" With that said, surely all of us have some things we WISH were different, even if a lot of them probably count as nitpicking or pure silliness. I fully realize that some of these things might be on the list of stuff they are going to include in the finished product, we are playing a beta after all.

    Here are mine:

    1. The AI in Warframe is dumb as a rock. Enemies feel slow and lazy, lack coordination and in general feel like they are actively trying to get themselves killed (Oh, look, what a nice vortex, I think I'll walk right into it) As long as the AI stays this freaking stupid, higher diff…
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  • CaptainHindsight

    To pre-empt some of the people who are just waiting with their hands on the keyboard to rage in the comments:

    First off: I mainly play Vauban, Rhino and Nyx, but I have Frost Prime, Frost, Saryn, Loki, Ash, Nova and Trinity. I have about 250 hours played, I'm in a small clan with some irl buddies so I have the research weapons, and I mainly play defense high waves and collect weapons, tinker with my mods etc. I have spent a little money on the game, but not a lot, and mainly on cosmetic stuff. None of that is noteworthy, but maybe by sharing the info some of the people reading this might at least believe that I didn't start playing yesterday and wrote this out of frustration at how bad I am. ^^ I think a lot of people like me are a little t…

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