Ok, first of all, I love playing Warframe, I already do it way too much, so don't give me any of that crap about "if you don't like it, play another game!" With that said, surely all of us have some things we WISH were different, even if a lot of them probably count as nitpicking or pure silliness. I fully realize that some of these things might be on the list of stuff they are going to include in the finished product, we are playing a beta after all.

Here are mine:

  1. The AI in Warframe is dumb as a rock. Enemies feel slow and lazy, lack coordination and in general feel like they are actively trying to get themselves killed (Oh, look, what a nice vortex, I think I'll walk right into it) As long as the AI stays this freaking stupid, higher difficulties will stay as it is now, which means just buffing the number of enemies and their HP/Armor. What this means is that the single most important quality in a Warframe or weapon at higher levels will remain nuking the shit out of piles of enemies or CCing them, which is what is keeping a lot of fun frames at the "bottom tier" of usefulness for group play. There is no point to "smart" skills instead of the raw power ones when there's no one there to outsmart. When soloing you can complete raid missions by simply sprinting past enemies (as soon as you have RUSH maxed and a shieldmod that's half-decent you can solo Tower 1, 2, 3 Raid missions without killing anyone) since they can't aim for sh** and are unable to position themselves or team up in any meaningful way. This is fine, if all you want is that Serious Sam feeling of just gunning down a million enemies who mindlessly shamble your way, but really, players like to be challenged, and the focus on high-hp high-armor enemies that are helplessly stupid will keep warframe a numbers or speed game: How much dps can you put out against an enemy that's walking into your crosshairs in defence missions, and which frame has the fastest runspeed for solo missions?. How awesome wouldn't it feel to be a little scared of what enemies are getting up to next? What if infested hid behind the terrain and waited until the next round of spawns to suddenly rush you with a giant wave so you had to leave the bastille and chase them a bit and risk getting ambushed or overrun?  What if grineer commanders used their switch teleport in a way that felt clever and not just "it's off cooldown, I guess I'll switch teleport" like, ever? What if getting the Stalker felt like being chased by another player and not just a vaguely homing missile with a tendency to end up stuck in a box? I think a better AI would massively contribute to many players enjoyment of the game, and open up possibilities for more frames to feel useful. Single target spells, sniper rifles or stealth would be a lot more viable if there were  more actually dangerous individuals and not just 20 more dumb corrupted who can't wait to walk into the laser traps. And really, aren't we all getting kinda sick of having to find that one Corpus Crewman after every wave who can't figure out how to get past a wall even with what looks like a computer on his head?                                                                                                        
  2. You can't use a tower key AFTER making the party. Not much to say here, but really. It's pretty annoying. Same goes for having to start a lobby for a planet before inviting people in general. If you have FRIENDS in warframe, you might want to hang out and use the party chat a bit while discussing what void drops you need or if you need Stuff from Xini rather than Narcissus. And really, remaking the party after EVERY tower run makes it a real hassle to do a bunch of tower runs in a row with people who want to farm forma blueprints for instance.                                                                                                                    
  3. The "Host" has no real power in the group. Isn't it a bit annoying when players press the wrong map or join the session when they have already pressed another planet so the countdown starts for the whole group? What about when that guy who was gonna play frost just stops responding and is still on his Excalibur frame? Let the player who starts a session/uses his tower key etc remove players from the group when needed and lock the players joining from pressing anything other than "yes lets go to the map host picked" I'm not saying you can't still do it the normal way, but please can we have another option than just ending the session and having to invite everyone again? I'm not saying you should be able to kick people once you are inside the game, but when putting the group together, we've all been in situations where we wish we could have removed that one guy who whispered you when you asked for a frost for tower3 and turns out to be a rank 1 loki with a Mk-1 Braton and Skana.                                                                                                 
  4. Can't right-click on players names IN the chat window, only in the list of people in the channel. HOW annoying is it that you can't just right click and whisper the guy who goes "Tower3DEF last spot!" but have to use the /w command to whisper him or find him in the ENORMOUS list of players and right click him there? If I have to type out another name like "xxStArScReAmPlayahz187xx" when I need to whisper someone I'm going to have a seizure.                                                                                             
  5. Resources exploding out of crates.  I understand that it's more "realistic" than them flipping through the air and ending up in the exact same spot every time like some box you punched in a Mario game, but really, who's life are they improving by making it possible for that salvage drop to end up between 2 pipes or in a corner where you can't reach them? I'd do a little dance if they changed it so resources from crates just piled up neatly right in front of the box/barrel/thingy so I wouldn't have to be scared of hitting them with a big gun. 

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