I've posted this topic in the WF forum a few days ago, but the response was meh. I'm interested to see what y'all Wikia ladies and gents think, so here it goes:

We have all these fine sniper rifles, powerful, immense zoom, great sounds, and we have all these fine sniping spots on all these Defense missions. I really had a heck lotta fun sniping in these missions.

However, apart from defense, currently there's really no practical use of sniper rifles in any other missions, as most of them are rushed and cqb based, making sniper rifles obsolete in most cases. Also, as awesome these existing defense missions are, it is near impossible to complete the missions with ONLY snipers, as enemies come from all directions and the huge number of spawns just make it unreasonable.

I think sniper rifles need a home, so I came up with this Sniper Defense mission idea:
The extraction team is extracting an Orokin Artifact from an enemy base, but hordes of enemies are approaching from the outside. The Tenno need to take advantage of the sniping posts of this base to prevent the enemies from getting into the base, kill the extraction team and failing the mission.

The gameplay mechanics are simple:

  • Tenno need to protect the base from a high ground or a sniper overwatch, eliminating all approaching enemies that spawns from a SINGLE direction.
  • Enemies will need to hack a console in order to get into the base and fail the mission.
  • All other mechanics from typical defense missions still apply.


  • This type of Defense missions MUST NOT strictly be snipers only, all other weapons are welcome. But of course sniper rifles are obviously the most ideal weapon for these missions, therefore encouraging the use of snipers.
  • The Lotus should say something along the lines of: "Enemies incoming, there are overwatch locations in this base, I would suggest you to utilize long range rifles to protect the base while the team is extracting the Artifact."
  • Spawn rate should highly depend on the size of the squad. If you're on solo, the spawn rate should be able to compensate that.
  • Tenno are free to move about on the low ground to make use of their powers. Sniping from top is still optional. However, enemies will PRIORITIZE player on low ground, making fighting close quarters suicidal.
  • Constant ammo drop, but not excessive.
  • No need for Infest sniper defense. They fast and scratch only and dunno how to hack anyways.
  • Make us snipers happy, PROFIT.

Of course this is NOT the only mission idea to make use of snipers, but that's for later.
If this kind of missions does come true, we shall rock our Snipetrons and Latrons and Vulkurs like we never did before. Please, we are in need of this.

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