Of course, the listed changes can be seen on

But here are some more changes that I've noticed after the update. By no means this is the completed set of changes, it's just a brief recap of my "findings", hope it helps for people who don't have the affected weapons/warframes.

  • Sound changes: Gorgon, Lato (also the akimbo counter parts), Strun, (Twin) Viper, Snipetron. Melee Charge attack seems to have a slightly different sound effect.
    • All of them except the snipetron now sounded more muffled.
  • Kogake slide attack is now a flying kick, the same one you may have noticed in the Tenno Reinforcement intro video on YouTube. Other melee weapons do not seem to have different animations.
  • Void now has some new tile sets, more traps and lasers, also turrets in locker rooms.
  • Ash's invisibility (Smoke Screen) will not render Ash completely invisible anymore, just like Loki's Invisibility. Ash will now have a white, ghostly model during cloak (color may also be affected by your energy color). This may affect its usefulness during duel.
  • All Warframe abilities, all of them, including Vauban's grenades, Loki's decoy, Ash Smoke Screen smoke, will have your energy color.
  • Ash Shuriken doesn't have a flight trail anymore. (Is a glitch, doesn't appear for player)
  • You can now kneel and chill in dojo LOL. Also some minor color changes.

That's what I have right now. I'm also interested to see what else have changed.

EDIT: lol thanks y'all for pointing out some more additional changes. For some of them I cannot easily confirm but I'll still put it here fyi.

  • Forgot: Machete also has a new animation.
  • Forgot: Kogake normal attacks now includes an uppercut.
  • Forgot: In addition to Grineers, the Corpus will also play an animation while activating the control panel.
  • From comments: some changes with controller.
  • From comments: more sound change:
    • Bronco, Boar, (A)Furis, Latron Prime
  • From comments: some changes in Multishot when using Bronco, for details see the blog here User_blog:Darthmufin/Update_8.3_And_The_Bronco by Darthmufin.
  • Railgun Moas fire will no longer stagger you, but instead it knocks you down.
  • You will be knocked down if the second Runner exploded on you.
  • New animation for Ash Blade Storm with single and dual daggers. (But quite buggy atm: lacking sound effect, sometimes doesn't hit target, Stealth Attack prompt appearing with no reason, animation is wayy too quick)

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