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    Oberon rework ideas

    April 15, 2016 by Clank8138

    So, after seeing the upcoming reworks for Mag and Volt, I decided to start thinking of ideas for Oberon's eventual rework (because he needs it.)  Here's what I have so far.


    Health: 125

    Shields: 100

    Armor: 275

    Sprint: 1.0

    PASSIVE ABILITY: Ability and melee kills from Oberon have an additional 25% chance to drop health orbs.


    - No changes, because it's already pretty good


    - Slight size increase (5 by 10 meters from 2.5 by 7.5)

    - Damage is doubled (200 radiation damage per half second insted of 100)

    - Heals allies by 5 health per second when standing on Hallowed Ground (Affected by power strength)

    - Gives a flat armor increase equal to 50% of Oberon's armor in addition to it's original 20% armor increase (also increased by power…

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