So, after seeing the upcoming reworks for Mag and Volt, I decided to start thinking of ideas for Oberon's eventual rework (because he needs it.)  Here's what I have so far.


Health: 125

Shields: 100

Armor: 275

Sprint: 1.0

PASSIVE ABILITY: Ability and melee kills from Oberon have an additional 25% chance to drop health orbs.


- No changes, because it's already pretty good


- Slight size increase (5 by 10 meters from 2.5 by 7.5)

- Damage is doubled (200 radiation damage per half second insted of 100)

- Heals allies by 5 health per second when standing on Hallowed Ground (Affected by power strength)

- Gives a flat armor increase equal to 50% of Oberon's armor in addition to it's original 20% armor increase (also increased by power strength)


- Initial heal is equal to 30% of a Tenno's health (increaseable by power strength)

- Costs a flat 75 energy, rather than draining energy over time

- Heal duration technically benefits from negative duration, like Energy Vampire


- Deals slightly more damage (1500 at max rank instead of 1250)

- Enemies killed by Reckoning explode in a blast of energy, dealing 25% of the killed enemy's health (not affected by power strength) and heals for 200 health (increaseable by power strength)

I'm still working out kinks, so if it seems underwhelming, I'm open to ideas.

(This is also my first blog post, so yeah.)

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