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    Have you ever wanted to play a slow, calming, and silent game play after all the hype and excitement any day can offer you? Well then, Loki is one of the choice for a Stealth game play. Almost like in game, Loki's origins and role in Norse mythology, which some have described, as that of a trickster god. Your role is to wreak havoc, and be as mischievous as you can while dealing damage and saving your own skin! And of course maybe your squad mates, too. Why not some fun and tease around them?

    He is squishy, without much health and shield, nor too much armor. Thus, this begs Loki to stay out of the line of fire, for otherwise oblivion awaits. None of his ability deals damage, thus no Power Strength is necessary, at all. This opens up a lot o…

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    Harrow is a new frame that was introduced during the Update: Chains of Harrow. It was a long waited frame by the community, which later received quite an amount of mixed and surprised reviews, about how hard it is to acquire him and how complicated this frame can be.

    This guide is more to a general idea on how to use him during several situations. I'll try to keep this guide easy to understand. Of course, any suggestion is welcomed and comment section is always open for more ideas and thoughts.

    Harrow is a frame that leans towards support and damage buff. He has a special interaction with his own shields which makes him quite an interesting frame to be used. He alone is sufficient for several missions, but as long as shield gating is not yet…

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    Nekros is a well known frame. Without any doubt, once people mention "need Nekros etc" it will always refer to a maximized Desecrate build. In this humble blog, I would like to share my set up for Nekros: polarities to forma and the mods we require. Let's jump straight to the build.

    This is just how I set up the polarities for Nekros. You may set it up differently, as it is fully up to you and this blog post is just a suggestion and a sharing from me. It isn't the best set up anyway, but will fit all of the builds that I will show you below.

    I can share 3 builds that I use on my daily basis. There are many more way to build Nekros, but these are how I do it.

    All of us needed some things to drop more, namely resources and mods. Despite just 54%…

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