Harrow is a new frame that was introduced during the Update: Chains of Harrow. It was a long waited frame by the community, which later received quite an amount of mixed and surprised reviews, about how hard it is to acquire him and how complicated this frame can be.

This guide is more to a general idea on how to use him during several situations. I'll try to keep this guide easy to understand. Of course, any suggestion is welcomed and comment section is always open for more ideas and thoughts.

Introduction to Harrow

Harrow is a frame that leans towards support and damage buff. He has a special interaction with his own shields which makes him quite an interesting frame to be used. He alone is sufficient for several missions, but as long as shield gating is not yet to be implemented he requires some support from other frames to increase his survivability. Below is a guide to use him and on how to synergize with some of the frames in game.

When to use Harrow?

In my personal opinion, Harrow is a nice frame for any immobile missions like Defense or those missions that doesn't requires you to rush for a lot of kills such as extermination.

However, on the mission that requires you to be very mobile and rush to kill an amount of enemies within a short period of time (namely, Survival), he himself requires support to help him survive and to help him keep supporting the squad. He can be a great support for he is used under this circumstances:

  • together with a Bless Trinity,
  • the squad cooperates in the affinity range,
  • (extra)in a high leveled runs, even survival (tested on Mot, got lucky to have a Bless Trinity during a public test run).

It can be hard for him to be the only support frame in a squad, as he needs to synergize with other frames to survive better. I can suggest a Bless Trinity merely because of the damage reduction buff, which helps him by hell a lot so that he can focus on buffing the team and timing the abilities for him and the squad.

Is he worth the effort? Heck freaking yes. How I view him is, his 4th ability is an amazing buff and a great support for the team to make the killings much more faster and efficient. While Status Procs are end game materials, critical hits arguably are the best way to buff the damage done to the enemies. With a good squad to help with each other, Harrow's 4th ability (will be explained a bit below) will push the squad longer in any long survival runs.

How to use him? I'll get to that in a special section after I tell the mods I put on him.

Basic Ideas on How the Abilities Works

Some basics you gotta know.


A wave of chains, holding the enemies at their places. At the same time, restores energy and allows Overshields to stack on. Unlike the usual 1200 Overshield cap, Harrow's Overshield cap is doubled the usual amount, at 2400 cap.

So, this may be your mostly spammed abilities in general. Restoring shields and Overshields for survivability and for 2nd ability duration buff, and crowd controls the enemies which will add even more survivability to Harrow and his squad. Aiming for the Heavier units is pretty much a must.


Harrow sacrifices his all of his shield at that moment for a buff to his fire rate and reloading speed, while also grants him a lifestealing bonus that heals all allies within his affinity range (quadruple healing bonus on headshots).

The duration is based on the shields sacrificed, and duration mods. The timer is said to be limited to a cap of 60 seconds, however it is possible to get more than 60 seconds IF:

  • more than (roughly) 200% duration stats,
  • you are at the cap of Overshield value (or very near to the cap)
  • (most important) AND it isn't active before the cast.

Time carefully on when to use this buff, as you are extremely open for any stray bullets to kill you.


Basically, you stop attacking and stop receiving pick ups for a while while you channel some energy per time (affected by duration/efficiency + strength). Once you stop channelling, the value displayed will be the value of energy restored per kill, and quadrupled per headshot kills.

Like Penance, time carefully when to use it. You can only move around while doing this.


The trump ability of Harrow, you and your allies in the affinity range will receive an invincibility phase for a while. The damage blocked will be a buff for an addictive Critical Chance buff to your weapons, with the value quadrupled on headshots.

This ability may be the most important thing about Harrow. I'll get to how to utilize this ability.


I invested 4 formas for him. I found 2 ways to forma him (which one is from my way, and the other is from the Youtuber -N00blShowtek-. Awesome and nice video to check on.


I got 3 different builds on Harrow:

  • Casual
  • Lower Tier Endurance with some survivability mods
  • Endurance with lots of buff

I intend to give the gameplay for the endurance build separately from their build.


For immobile missions, or those that doesn't requires you to rush things out too much. Basically a balanced build.


Aura is optional on your playstyle

Basically, you'll spam your 1st all around you while trying to keep the 2nd active. Activate 2nd behind a cover, then use your 1st again (from behind the cover) to replenish lost shields. If not, just make sure to equip Guardian on your Sentinel. It'll help you significantly. Between waves when there's no enemies swarming at you, you may activate your 3rd ability for a nice amount of energy. Your 4th is optional; maybe any time you want, or when one of your squad is down. Make sure to use your 1st ability around the downed allies.

Not too serious, yet an okay-ish build for the mission. Zenurik is suggested so that you don't have to activate 3rd ability frequently.

Lower Tier Endurance + Survival Mods

This one is what I found initially by testing it during several solo survival runs. More to Duration and balanced stats overall.

I call it Lower Tier Endurance because you can use this for solo, but only at level 38 (below this is not considered as Endurance, at least by my definition) to level 60. Above that will be more challenging to survive if you are on solo. If you are not on solo, you can go higher. Bonus points if you got a Bless Trinity with you!


Aura is optional on your playstyle. Thank you Ordis, for photobombing and nearly block Constitution

I put in Quick Thinking together with Vitality, mostly because I was running solo for Neo Fissures as a test drive. Personally, Quick Thinking isn't needed once there's a Bless Trinity; because the 75% damage reduction is more than enough to keep Harrow's health and shield under control. WARNING: The stagger from QT can be your downfall if you lose concentration and/or didn't managed to retreat. Make sure to always use your 1st ability to hold down enemies (and replenish shield), regardless of QT panic or not.

I've managed to go for 35 minutes only to leave early mostly because my equipment aren't prepared for more than level 57~ (freshly forma-ed Scourge, and a no forma/potato Knell which I forgot to change. Went full melee anyway with a simple build Orthos Prime).

Endurance Strategy/Gameplay will be written below after this last build.

Endurance + Better Buff Stats

This build is very ideal when there's confirmed to be a Bless Trinity in your squad. Stay within the affinity range and cooperate/coordinate your squad. This is mostly because, you got no survival mods on. You will depend on the 75% damage reduction buff, entirely.


Aura is optional on your playstyle.

Slightly less Duration, but with better Range and (slightly) Strength.

If you want to replace Transient Fortitude with a Blind Rage, it is fully up to you. The one I'm showing is made for a better spamming the 1st ability (in my opinion), and I don't really like to always keep activating the 3rd ability (but it is a matter of personal gameplay, because theoretically you got a Bless Trinity who will cover up for you just in case).

Endurance Gameplay Strategy

Now we're at the real deal of this frame. This strategy is pretty much a general way to survive longer until a degree of Endurance level.

Please remember it is one of the suggestion (and not the only way), to play him. Once I got another way of playing him for Endurance runs (from my own experience or from any suggestion), I will update this guide.

Lower Tier Endurance + Survival Mods

As I mentioned: if you are on solo, this is one of the ways to do it. Level 60 or not, be sure to know your limit. If you are on a squad, be sure to cooperate.

Basically, you will start by activating your 3rd ability. Then start the mission shortly after that.

I like to go with Orthos Prime as with the stance Shimmering Blight together with Primed Reach mod, it can score lots of headshot kills at a significant range. Basically the first thing I do is gather up energy from the kills while there are not too many enemies spawning. Once you've gathered enough energy, you may activate your 1st ability.

Once there are more heavier units spawned, this calls for your 4th ability. You'll get 14.76 seconds of invulnerability. During this moment, activate your 2nd ability. Then, you got an option to activate the 3rd ability for a while. When there's like 3-2 seconds left, be prepared to use your 1st on all of the mobs. When the time's up, spam your 1st and kill all of the enemies caught. Be sure to prioritize the heavier units as they are your main threat. Kill them all then make use of your 29.52 seconds of buffed critical chance.

Right after the crit buff is gone, reactivate it and repeat the same way. Always be alerted by your state. This frame will seriously punish you for not being alert to the surroundings, which is why it will and can be difficult for some people.

Endurance Runs Build

As this one doesn't have any survival mod on, a Bless Trinity is an amazing frame to assist you to reduce incoming damage. Let's assume we are on Mot, Void.

Activate your 3rd ability for a bit, and then start the mission. Once you are in, let Trinity put on her Bless buff on you and your squad. Kill a sufficient amount of enemies (while Trinity can give a good boost too for energy), and get an amount of overshields.

Activate your 4th ability when you are able to and when there's a good mob around you. You should hit the critical buff cap easily assuming you let yourself a little bit exposed. When you got approximately 2.5k damage blocked, you can use your 1st ability a bit then activate your 2nd ability. When you do, activate your 3rd ability.

After the immunity phase is finished, deactivate your 3rd ability then use your 1st ability and kill them all. After your 4th ability timer is done, repeat. Always do the same, especially when there's a downed squad mate.

Bless Trinity is important to help the squad with the damage reduction buff, and for emergency heals. Harrow and Trinity are great synergy for this type of run.

Synergy between Frames

Harrow can be used to solo, but only for a limited type of mission. He requires some synergies with other frames to improve his survivability.

  • Trinity's Blessing is without a doubt, the best and the easiest way to make Harrow survive a lot more longer on the battlefield.
  • Frost's Snow Globe will protect Harrow while he use his 1st ability on enemies. Then once the crowd was chained, he may kill them safely. Good for camping strategy, and immobile mission types.
  • Ivara's Cloak Arrow of her Quiver will keep Harrow invisible from the enemies. However, any stray bullets can surely bring him down at a certain level. Be careful and stay away from enemies' weapons.
  • Mesa's Shooting Gallery is a nice way to stun any nearby enemies. Just be careful and keep your eyes out.
  • Mirage with her Total Eclipse will both protect and buff Harrow for a period of time, depending on the lighting of his surrounding.
  • Nyx's Chaos is one of the cheapest way to CC the enemies, while can be very effective to distract them from their real enemies (you and your squad).
  • Oberon's Renewal is good for Harrow as he can always regenerate his shield while his health will constantly regenerate by time via the ability. Phoenix Renewal will help giving Harrow a second chance to survive longer.
  • Volt's Electric Shield can both protects Harrow while boosting his damage. Especially after the critical chance buff is applied.


Harrow is a frame that is leaned towards support, but as long as shield gating isn't here yet he himself may requires some synergy from other frames to help with his survivability.

Abilities in a nutshell:

  • His 1st is CC, and regenerates shield.
    • Spam it.
  • 2nd ability for life steal bonus, reload/fire rate buff for a duration depending on shield depleted.
    • Activate only during the 4th's invulnerable state.
  • 3rd ability is for energy regeneration.
    • Activate only before the mission and during the 4th's invulnerable state.
  • 4th ability is his greatest value to give a duration of time for full invincibility and then a crit buff depending on the damage blocked during the invulnerable phase.
    • Keep it active especially on high level runs.
  • NOTE:
    • The effect of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ability is quadrupled with headshots.

Basically, Duration stats is favored for him while keeping the Strength stats above 100%. Range is also an important stats to check on too. Efficiency is up to the user.

Use anything that will give you headshot kills easily. Or at least something that kills the enemies fast enough. Try to stay in the affinity range for the whole time, or at least with another support or tank frame.

Step-by-step way:

  1. Activate 3 for a while. Then deactivate it right before the mission starts.
  2. Kill for some energy.
  3. Build up your shield and crowd control the enemies whenever you can with your 1st. Always.
  4. Activate 4th ability. Right after that, sacrifice all of the shields by activating 2nd ability.
  5. You can choose to activate 3rd ability if you want/can. Save some energy for next step.
  6. 2-3 seconds before the invulnerable phase ends, activate your 1st ability.
  7. Once the crit buff phase begins, start killing enemies.
  8. Right after this crit buff phase is finished, repeat step 4 to step 8.

His best synergy is with a Bless Trinity, but there are several other frames that synergies with Harrow.


A rather complicated frame to get used to, but worth the effort for those who find it suitable to his gameplay. One of the beauty of Warframe is about how we set up our things in game to suit our gameplay better. This guide is just one of the guides to suggest how to utilize his abilities better.

I am awared that this guide is 'a bit' long, so hopefully the TL;DR edition is simpler and gives you the main idea.

Comment section is open for discussion and suggestion, and even some critiques. I am open to hear more from you, fellow readers. Give away your thoughts!

Good luck and have fun. Comment away!


To ease the eyes after the long blabberish guide

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