Nekros is a well known frame. Without any doubt, once people mention "need Nekros etc" it will always refer to a maximized Desecrate build. In this humble blog, I would like to share my set up for Nekros: polarities to forma and the mods we require. Let's jump straight to the build.

Main Polarities

This is just how I set up the polarities for Nekros. You may set it up differently, as it is fully up to you and this blog post is just a suggestion and a sharing from me. It isn't the best set up anyway, but will fit all of the builds that I will show you below.


Disclaimer: This is how I set it up.

The Builds

I can share 3 builds that I use on my daily basis. There are many more way to build Nekros, but these are how I do it.

Desecrating Nekros

All of us needed some things to drop more, namely resources and mods. Despite just 54% chance to roll the corpse's drop table again, we'll have to take the odds. This build is very focused on Desecrate.


Aura is up to you.

115% Duration, 170% Efficiency, 250% Range, 40% Strength.

Despoil mod is very good for this, as the there will be Health Orbs all around you. (Correct me if I am wrong but) I find that the 2.5 health per corpse is considered as 3 health per corpse by the game, and 2 corpses will use 6 health instead of 5. So that is why, just 70% Efficiency. No need for (Primed) Flow.

A notable suggestion is to replace the Primed Vigor with Health Conversion mod for even more survivability.

Maximum range to give wider range for the Desecrate to work, as your teammates might be all over the map. If you're going to camp, it is up to you to modify the range depending on the map and tileset.


  • If you can dismember the corpses, every dismembered parts are counted as individual Desecrate targets, thus helping you with more loots! Make use of this for more profit!
  • Arcane Pulse without a doubt, is a great bonus addition despite not a compulsory.

Shadow of the Dead Tank

The tanky version of Nekros, this build is pretty much known by many people. If I recall correctly, I built it based on the Youtuber H3dsh0t's build on this (great guy to check on! Sorry for the quick ad). Although, I modify it a bit by replacing the Primed Flow with Streamline, and Stretch with Primed Continuity. The original build is a solid build too, though.


Aura is up to you.

155% duration, 75% Efficiency, 100% Range, 214% Strength.

The Streamline can be replaced with Primed Flow if you want to. Stretch can replace Primed Continuity, too. Or even, Stretch replacing Streamline. It is your choice, check out which one suits your gameplay.

Shield of Shadows is quite good as it redirects the incoming damage to the Shadows spawned by the Shadows of the Dead. 214% Strength will put a solid 90% damage reduction on you. Top up the tankiness with the Health Conversion mod!

Despoil used with Equilibrium together will create a looping supply of both Energy and Health to you.

Creeping Terrify Crowd Control

This one is more to a fun build. I mean, come on. Watch them running away from you in slow motion. If more comes, you go "BOO!" on them.


Aura is up to you.

128% (127.5%) Duration, 130% Efficiency, 235% Range, 140% Strength.

While removing 28% of their armor, 28 unfortunate souls (or robotics) will move 75% slower (capped slow effect) away from you for a nice duration of 32 seconds. This is great if you don't like to deal with huge mobs all the time, and just for this once you don't want to care. You go "BOO!" on them during a Mobile Defense, and then watch them go away from you and move around you in slow motion.

You can always replace Intensify with a (Primed) Flow. But the slow will only be at 66%, affecting only 22 enemies at a time. Although, it is still a nice debuff on them. The choice is yours.


Again, these builds are just how I built my Nekros. I put in the Config A the Desecrate one, Config B the Shadow Tank, and the fun Creeping Terrify build on Config C. While it isn't the best build around, you can try them out if they're to your liking or not.

Nekros is a good addition in any team.

  • 1st skill to throw away huge/tanky enemies such as the Bombards and Napalms away and buy you some time to kill them.
    • Throw away those annoying Grineer off the Rampart with this skill too! Cheap and efficient, this can be a life saver for all of your squad mates!
    • Soul Survivor will punch your downed allies so hard, they'll get up at the cost of all energy remaining in you.
  • 2nd ability as a panic button when there's just too much enemies swarming around you.
  • 3rd ability for more loots and more Health Orbs, and even Life Support Modules.
  • 4th ability for distraction, support, and even to make you a freaking tank.

An excellent warframe, and can be a must for those who wants a versatile frame in their arsenal. Feel free to suggest more builds, and I may test them and put it in this guide. Please help yourself to tell your thoughts if you got one in mind. I would love to hear you on this frame.

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