Well, for starters, I love that dual wielding of weapons actually happened. Some of the weaker weapons, Like Furis, for example, gains a minor boost when used with its partner.

However, as an ongoing trend now that the singletons of the Secondary weapons category are all paired up as a couple, I begin to wonder as well if this is the way it should go for a weekly weapons release? 

I am pretty sure that I speak for almost every Tenno when I say that what we need is more diversity. Am I right or am I right?

Right now WF seems to be embarking on a single-then-double method of churning out weekly weapons. Truth be told, I rather they have a new weapon every fortnight or even a month - if this is the path that is going down.

My perspective is that you get to level up your new weapon when you actually are also given the time to do so.

Right now, it is a weekly mad rush to level up the weapons and then to find out at some point later next week or even in the same week that, even with your hard earned mods, that weapon still falls short of a few or some of your expectations.

Given the timeframe, I think Tennos could benefit from the time given in between to also get to know their new weapons. As with some of the Ak-weapons, for me, they are collecting digital dust.

Not that it was sky high of an expectation to begin with. But yet...

IMHO, I think the next step could be to provide and create an even deeper yearning for a Tenno's weapon, not just by its functionality, looks or damage type (why did elemental damage even appear?); why not have the weapon's ammo been given customization instead? 

It does not need to be a full set of 8 mods, it could have only 4.

To illustrate:

Dread, the preferred bow of mine. It has arrows, right? 

Why not include mods for those arrows too?

So now when you open up your Dread mods screen, you should see one more section for your arrows. This could be reserved for your elemental damage that gains a boost if they are in this slot(s). Or for things like increasing ammo capacity or magazine capacity.

Because why would you want to waste your precious slots on those things right? I would understand if you would want to play around with your elemental damage more; and to have more ammo or magazine capacity does help if you want to sustain that damage. 

Clearly, no ammo = no damage.

And yes, you could argue that you have a ammo mutation mod in there somewhere. But it does not compare to picking up a sniper ammo or rifle ammo pack on the ground.

Ammo mutation to me seems like for cases whereby you wanna help a fallen ally out with that bugger who hacks in the air at nothing, BUT at the same time, you do not want to further waste your depleting ammo stores to do so. Or rather, this mod would be used in emergencies only.

Damage System for Bows

Another school of thought is to implement a special elemental damage system for bows? How about switching arrows in battle for different elemental damage? Limit the number of weapons or not allow secondary and melee weapons if a Tenno brings a bow, because a bow, to me, is prety well-rounded. Except for melee.

But then again, you can actually hit someone in real life with a bow. I do believe in the materials used in our Tenno bows so please do not 'break' the bow in-game if a Tenno eventually decided to use it to melee.


Of course, you would then have to come up with a way for the Tenno to back away if enemies get to close. A Banshee can 'push' her enemies away, but they don't go far enough. Could I perhaps gain temporary invisiblity while aiming with a bow/silent weapon?

Moving Forward

Maybe we can move on to providing a passive for all Warframes. Not an Aura?

And maybe a physical shield too – at some point?

What do you think, Tennos?

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