Hello Warframe community! First of all, I want to mention this is my first blog post, so maybe what I'm gonna suggest (or the way I'll write it down here) might be not so brilliant. Besides, I couldn't find any other blog/forum topic discussing about Nova's Antimatter Drop, but that doesn't necessarily mean there's none.

I've been playing Nova for a while, mainly on mid to high-end stages of the game, and I really liked the concept behind the Antimatter Drop skill. However, I find the way it works really troublesome more often than not. That might be the reason most Novas just dump it into garbage when they build that warframe (because, certainly, Molecular Prime is easier to use and much more convenient when you, say, are surrounded by a crowd of high level enemies and you can't manage to "load" an Antimatter Drop and launch it effectively into them before being dps'd the hell out of your ass). And even Molecular Prime ends up turning into a supportive debuff for the team once you hit the really really high-end stuff of the game (as the damage itself barely scratches the mobs).

So, I came up with some ideas that might be implemented (or not) to make Antimatter Drop a better skill:

1.- Make it so once you release the AMDrop, it behaves just like it does right now, but once you press the second skill button again it launches on the direction you were pointing at a decently fast speed. Meanwhile, you are not able to release another AMDrop until you already launch the one that is still floating in the air, preventing multiple AMDrops with stacking destructive power (which would be definitely OP if they are this easier to use).

Additionally, the skill can be modified for the AMDrop's sphere to become stationary upon release, so the lag one may encounter while playing (as it was observed AMDrops become totally useless no matter if you're host or not because of lag - Credits go to Darthmufin for pointing it out) doesn't affect the skill anymore. Now you're surely going like "c'mon, now it's so easy to shoot at it you'll do ridiculously huge amounts of damage with a very energy efficient skill, that's OP at it's fullest". Well, that's when a duration limit comes into play. Once you release an AMDrop you have a total of about 5 seconds to shoot at it and launch it, or else it will explode at place. This vanishes lag as an issue without making AMDrops insanely powerful, plus, we've acquired another way to use AMDrop (as an antimatter mine of sorts).

2.- Modify the skill so we can increase it's flying speed as we see fit through different ways: 

a- Make Power Strength or Power Range affect the AMDrop's speed (this might need some twitch in the AMDrop mechanic to slow down even more while we shoot at it, or else it might turn worser than it's at this moment).

b- Simply make it go faster the longer it stays in the air, scaling on at least three different velocities: slow (for about 2 seconds, as to give us time to shoot at it), medium (which needs to be faster than the maximum speed it has right now) and fast (which pretty much should be like a bow's projectile speed).

c- Add a function in-game to increase/decrease AMDrop's speed (like doing so with the mousewheel or soemthing similar). Credits: GDSK-NXS.

That said, I'll wait for your thoughts about my suggestions. Remember it's just a bunch of ideas that might not ever be implemented (unless the community ask for them badly), so please don't rage nor anything like that just because there's another Nova-fan around suggesting she could be stronger (I'm well aware of all the grudge many people harbour on Novas). I also agree that if DE were to make AMDrop stronger, MPrime should be modified to work only as a CC and not as a nuke-all-the-room-and-kill-all-the-fun-from-low-to-medium-level-stages kind of skill.

Nevertheless, constructive criticism is always welcomed!

P.S.1: English isn't my native language, so please excuse me for any grammar mistake I could have commited. I'd totally understand your grammar nazi instinct, as I'm a grammar nazi myself on my mother tongue xD

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