• ColdWavE

    Warframe will die soon

    February 20, 2014 by ColdWavE

    Hi everyone, I am a big fan of this game. I played it a lot and now I am really crying. For who still doesnt know what is happening on the last updates, I suggest to read this thread

    The real blood of the game was "farming ur stuff and be proud of it". I spent so much time farming my Orthos Prime, my Dakra prime and all prime stuff I have. Now this is not more required to have those items. The answer? just pay. The fun of the games was find a party and join a run to find some cool stuff in the void/alerts/events etc. I am not sure I explained myself well. What I want to say is that the only good thing that made warframe interesting (there are items only farmable ingam…

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  • ColdWavE

    Hi guys, here my idea for a new warframe, the one I dream for. This is only a pure idea so It will never come out or known aswell. First of all, my picture is only an example of how I want this warframe to look like. Here his abilities and stats.

    Type: Time-based and high survivability

    Name: Roach or Hoax

    Health 100 (300 at rank 30)

    Shields 100 (250 at rank 30)

    Armor 150

    Power 100 (200 at rank 30)

    Innate chance to resist a knockdown 20% (maybe better not, or this warframe could get 100% with 2 mods)

    1 Return Globe (cost = 25)

    Roach summons a globe around a target (talking of dimensions, pretty much bi

    g like the frost snow globe) this sphere block any damage coming from inside and reflects it to the enemies in the sphere.It deals an initial damage of 50…

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