Hi guys, here my idea for a new warframe, the one I dream for. This is only a pure idea so It will never come out or known aswell. First of all, my picture is only an example of how I want this warframe to look like. Here his abilities and stats.

Type: Time-based and high survivability

Name: Roach or Hoax

Health 100 (300 at rank 30)

Shields 100 (250 at rank 30)

Armor 150

Power 100 (200 at rank 30)

Innate chance to resist a knockdown 20% (maybe better not, or this warframe could get 100% with 2 mods)

1 Return Globe (cost = 25)

Roach summons a globe around a target (talking of dimensions, pretty much bi

g like the frost snow globe) this sphere block any damage coming from inside and reflects it to the enemies in the sphere.It deals an initial damage of 50-100-150-200 damage. This lasts 7-8-9-10 seconds. Afer the duration of the skill, the globe return to Roach healing him with the same amount of damage the globe blocked.

Effects on Power Duration and Power Range (globe radius)

2 Evasion (cost = 50)

Roach blurs his body making it harder to aim on. This ability allows Roach to dodge 15-25-35-45% of the pojectiles incoming. It lasts 10-15-20-35 seconds.

No effects on melee attacks and void lasers.

Effect only on power duration  

3 Cloack field (cost = 50)

Summons a field where Roach and his allies become invisible, the field cannot move and lasts 10 seconds. If an enemy enter the field, he will be disarmed until he exit the zone.

Effect on power duration and power range

4 Radial Stop (cost = 100)

Roack block enemies and flying bullets, all animations and sounds. in a range of 50 meters. It lasts 5-6-7-8 seconds. All allies in the range are buffed with a 100% bonus reload-holster speed.

Effect on power duration and power range.

I am really sorry for my Bad english.


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