Hi everyone, I am a big fan of this game. I played it a lot and now I am really crying. For who still doesnt know what is happening on the last updates, I suggest to read this thread

The real blood of the game was "farming ur stuff and be proud of it". I spent so much time farming my Orthos Prime, my Dakra prime and all prime stuff I have. Now this is not more required to have those items. The answer? just pay. The fun of the games was find a party and join a run to find some cool stuff in the void/alerts/events etc. I am not sure I explained myself well. What I want to say is that the only good thing that made warframe interesting (there are items only farmable ingame not buyable) just went out and died. Some players like me will stop to play, they agree with me and I want to hear ur replies to this. Thx all for the attenction

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