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  • Colorswirl

    The thing I dislike most about this event is how DE dangled a little bit of lore in front of the community and everyone went berserk. "Corpus have Tenno! Save them! Side with the Grineer!". What was Vor doing when he found each and every player in the very first cutscene, before the tutorial? Oh, right. He was trying to capture/kill a Tenno. YOU.

    Yes, the Corpus plan on using the Tenno for the Zanuka Project, but does everyone really think the Grineer haven't used Tenno for their modifications? Also, here's a bit of official lore from the Sling-Stone event: "As much as we would like the Corpus to suffer, we cannot let such a massive growth in Grineer influence to go unchecked.". Would taking over and enslaving an entire planet be doing just …

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