The thing I dislike most about this event is how DE dangled a little bit of lore in front of the community and everyone went berserk. "Corpus have Tenno! Save them! Side with the Grineer!". What was Vor doing when he found each and every player in the very first cutscene, before the tutorial? Oh, right. He was trying to capture/kill a Tenno. YOU.

Yes, the Corpus plan on using the Tenno for the Zanuka Project, but does everyone really think the Grineer haven't used Tenno for their modifications? Also, here's a bit of official lore from the Sling-Stone event: "As much as we would like the Corpus to suffer, we cannot let such a massive growth in Grineer influence to go unchecked.". Would taking over and enslaving an entire planet be doing just this? The Corpus broke the treaty by not turning over the pods. Wait, turning over? I can understand sharing the profits, but a complete turnover? Alad wants a more profitable deal out of their "partnership" and he's using the Tenno as leverage, while Ruk just wants Tenno. Seems like Ruk has some explaining to do.

If you put aside the lore and look at the Event rewards, things start to get a little messy. The Detron looks like a Vasto in a box, yes. Some people have other names for it, but it actually looks decent. As for its functionality, no one really knows, but considering it’s Corpus design I can foresee a Spartan Laser-esque box of death. Not everyone likes the Prova and that's understandable - currently it's only really useful against the Corpus. However, Armor 2.0 is around the corner. Keep an open mind.

Meanwhile you have the Grineer Machete, which the normal one is downright dismal. It's literally the Grineer's Skana. With that in mind, look at the Skana Prime. That's quite possibly what you'd get with the Machete Wraith. I know that Wraith doesn't equate to Prime, but I doubt DE would buff it past a weapon that cost money. For T3 rewards, you have a large Seer - the Brakk. Some people are claiming it's a grenade launcher, others a smaller Ogris. Where they're getting this info I have no clue, because the only description we have is that it's semi-automatic versus the "ferocious" Detron. Personally I think it might function similar to the Blunderbuss in Black Ops 2: Mob of the Dead. For those of you that shun or don’t play CoD, it’s a four barrel shotgun.

And now a very delicate subject: Battle Pay. Before I dive too deep into this, I do want to bring attention to the fact that there are numerous Tenno (to include DE members) that are “riding the line” per say, keeping the number of Corpus missions and Grineer missions even until the last day of the event. While this can be advantageous, the Tenno get the best Battle Pay all the time (yay, taters!) and keep the option of getting the supercharged hand cannon, they're ruining the overall aspect of the event. Had DE hidden the Battle Pay until after the node was completed, or made it so you had to stay loyal to your original decision, it would not only create a more balanced "war" event, it would make the outcome much more interesting.

Now, I'll admit, I was one of the irate players in the beginning due to the Grineer getting all the good rewards. While it was not a necessity to get the event moving, I knew that the Corpus wouldn't only give Credits, so I still had hope. It was the start of the Great Potato War that I knew the tables were turning, for the time being at least. There was still a few unbalanced Battle Pay in the mix (like a Vaubaun helmet BP versus 150k credits), but the Corpus seems to have learned it's lesson and are, at times, offering decent rewards. Will they continue to learn from the Grineer and hand out persuasive rewards? Only time will tell.

Let's continue this talk with the core values of the event - Loyalty and Sacrifice. The slogan, for lack of a better term, of the Grineer is Loyalty. While I can see the aspect of this choice can be loyal, you’re “rescuing” unknown Tenno from Alad and the Corpus, there’s also a large degree of sacrifice. The Grineer are enslaving someone. We don't know if they're Corpus civilians, Tenno, who they are. Ruk seems to think you're already his servant based on his in-game dialogue. Now to me, this doesn’t seem like loyalty, this sounds more like servitude. Yes, it’s just in-game dialogue, but my point still stands. Would the Grineer recognize the Tenno loyalty in the future, or would they view them as a weaker enemy due to past decisions? Not counting Mars as it is being disputed as we speak, the Corpus own three out of fourteen planets. That’s barely more than 20% of the system, compared to the 50% (again, not counting Mars) that the Grineer own. This leaves the Infested, who are being ignored for the event even though they were on Mars, with 30% of the system. To tie this into loyalty, let us remember the job of the Tenno: to preserve the balance of the system. While this concept is debated on, it seems to be true. We were awakened from Cryo due to the fact that the Grineer and it’s vast armies are trying to control the system. Would it be loyal to break away from that duty, causing the Grineer to gain even more power?

On the flipside we have Sacrifice, the Corpus slogan. By siding with the Corpus we're sacrificing unknown Tenno (we don't know who, or how many) to Alad V while ensuring the Grineer empire doesn't grow larger. Now, there's a lot of people that don't understand the value of sacrifice and it's not something easily explained. It is something that is needed every now and then, though. While the Zanuka Project may yield more power to the Corpus, it would also prevent more power going to the Grineer. I've heard numerous people tell me "I chose Grineer because Corpus are easier to kill", among other things related to the difficulty of fighting against the Grineer. What seems to be overlooked is that by fighting with the Grineer makes them stronger and more prominent - effectively destroying the already imbalanced state the system is in. Now, we don't know how the Tenno came about. We don't know if it was like our militaries where it's a volunteer/drafted position or if it's something one was born into (while this can also be viewed as a drafted position, there’s a large difference between drafting and being born into something. See: Sparta). However, to preserve the balance in the system, sacrificing a few will preserve the many.  Yes, the Corpus would gain power, possibly getting a revamped enemy or even a new one, but would that be so bad? The Corpus are primarily merchants, killing them is easy. Wouldn't it add more excitement to fighting them if suddenly they had a new enemy? Some view the Berserker Warframe as the outcome of the Zanuka Project, saying “I don’t want to fight that!”. Based on it’s design, we can eliminate that thought. Rather, the Berserker appears to have broken away from the Corpus.

I've seen opinions that the Corpus, if successful, would create a weapon or unit powerful enough to wipe out both the Grineer or the Tenno. For that I only say "for every action, there is a reaction". The Grineer would find a way to counteract the Zanuka Project, whatever it is. The Tenno will always prevail as they have.

So are you loyal, or do you understand the value of a sacrifice?

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