I was just thinking about mastery rank and stuff. It's not like im the master of warframe, but the thing is that some stuff should have mastery requirements and other should have higher ones. Randomly when i do stuff i see a mastery 2 guy with a bunch of prime stuff and i dont have much myself. Back then when i was around their level i always thought "prime" meant ULTIMATE OVERPOWERED. About that, No. I've found power in a lot of non-prime weapons, especially my main gun (still not most used but I hope it will be) which was new since i returned to warframe. Try and guess what my weapon of choice is. If youve seen me on the wiki chat ive mentioned it a lot so you guys should know.

So, heres some hints for my weapon at default:

Blueprint is easy to obtain

IS NOT prime as mentioned earlier

Is a crit weapon

Has projectiles

The projectiles arc

No starting polarities

I think thats enough hints for you guys to guess what the weapon is, but back to the point.

Prime is not the best, at least for weapons. The warframes are good but the weapons get outmatched by some non-prime weapons. Ive done super high level things where my gun destroys them while my allies are using soma primes and stuff which cant beat my thing. I have no problem with the soma prime and im not saying it sucks or anything, but what i DO hate is when those m6 people have it. I dont know, maybe Im just hating on them, but if you think i am why dont you guys hate on me. The reason is, most m6s dont know how to use/build soma prime. I think the soma prime should have a higher mastery level requirement, or even my secret weapon. Also, the m2s with orthos primes, boltor primes, a prime warframe, that stuff. My main warframe(its a prime) is all about speed and durability, and my damage relies on my weapons since it scales to 100s. The speed comes from something strange that is not obtainable anymore. Guess my real warframe who i main, or friend me and check my profile if you have to :/

This is what i think about mastery requirements, primes, and please take into account that this is only my opinion and you can disagree if you want, bomb me with the meanest insults and even hate if you hate this as much as what youre throwing at me. The thing is, this blog is LITERALLY just my opinion and this is not a serious post.

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