• Crasheek

    The best automatic rifle...

    September 8, 2013 by Crasheek

    Hey guys, i just wanted to ask, what is the best automatic rifle? Thanks for every comment, you will help me so much... :D

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  • Crasheek

    New Warframe: Windblast

    August 14, 2013 by Crasheek


    So, this is my new warframe. His name is Windblast and he is wind or air warframe. Please comment!



    Warframe releases a little blast, that will blow a single enemy away. Deals armor-piercing damage. 200/300/400/500

    2. Hurricane Shield

    Warframe makes a shield of air around him, blasting away every enemy who tries to shoot him, or melee him.5/7/9/11


    Warframe enchants his melee, doubles it´s speed for 6/10/12.


    Warframe unleashes tornado around him, blasting away everybody, deals high damage. 1000/1500/2000dmg


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