As most of us already know, the much anticipated Update 7 has come to Warframe, bringing with it Sentinels, new weapons, new warframes, new map cells, global chat, and the mod system. However, I must say that Update 7 has been a degree of a letdown for me after such a long period of wait.

Perhaps the most obvious change for us has been the mod system. Although I may be completely wrong about... everything I say, really... I felt castrated as an end-game player who went from farming the Outer Terminus in Pluto to farming Kiliken in Venus with each feeling about the same level of difficulty though obviously with greatly diminished rewards.

Prior to Update 7, the old upgrade tree system worked to grant equipment boosts while unlocking mod slots. So not only did mods power up weapons, but the innate upgrade "cells" did as well to no small degree.

Under the new system, it seems that the only boosts a weapon gets are the mod cards. I may be wrong, but it surely does not feel that leveling up a weapon strengthens it innately. In other words, an unmodded level 30 weapon is no different than the same unranked weapon apart from having a larger number of upgrade points with which to insert mod cards.

So the solution posed by many "get over it you whining noob" (I have been around for at least a month and a half into closed beta mind you) is to rejoin the people grinding the earlier planets and find new mods to power up one's equipment once more. However, as a forum post I read a while ago said: it would take over 1 million credits (somewhere around 2.5 actually) to fully power up a shield boost mod to 400% boost. My old Loki before Update 7 had shields up to mid 400. Under the new system I'll have to pay... an exorbitant fee to boost my shields from 75 to 300. And for those who say that all I'd have to do is to equip more than one card, keep in mind how few card slots we really have, and that they all must compensate for the power I lost not from my mods alone, but my level upgrade cells as well. The end result I see is that I never again will be as powerful as I was pre-update 7. Whether that be a matter of balancing or not, the very thought of it let alone experiencing it tastes quite foul.

Not to mention that under the new mod system, money is harder to make. Let's be honest, the money obtained from missions is rather paltry, anywhere from 500 to a really high 2100 I saw once on a (very) high level alert. Much of my money came from selling mods that I didn't need, and it was not hard at all to find mods that I did not need. Under the new systems, there will very rarely, if at all, be a time when I will not need a card or a fusion cell. A card can very easily go into the fusion process to further increase the power of the cards I own to obtain much lost power. The fusion cells... sell for paltry sums. Uncommons I find rarely if ever sell for over 1000 credits whereas mods I did not need could easily surpass 2000 each. And it would not be worth it at the moment to sell my rares. Take into consideration also that while adding and removing mods from equipment is now free, the fusion process costs exponentially more than the cumulative costs of the past mod system ever had and ever will. The end result, a major source of money making for many (many, many I presume) is gone when costs have risen substantially.

But... enough hating on the mod system for now. I know of many players who have already quit the game after being thrown back to the ground by the Update. I also mentioned the addition of new warframes and weapons. I love the Paris, the Viper could use work (unless a dual wield comes out for it, I see a very short lifespan for this weapon), and the fang, while dealing extraordinarily low damage and having a slow charge speed for its base attack speed, is hands down the single fastest melee weapon I have ever seen, even attacking twice at times with a single button press. The Lato Vandal has, for me anyways, failed to reach the same level of grandeur its Braton Vandal brother has reached. The damage and rate of fire is increased, but it still fares badly against low-mid to high level enemies unless... I suppose heavy modification. But a weapon like that didnt feel deserving of time investment when I had new weapons like the Viper that could tear apart corpus and grineer (albeit for short periods of time with its small clip, granted) that the Lato Vandal barely scraped.

But onto the warframes. Saryn and Banshee were... letdowns for me. To say the least. Let us speak of Saryn. Granted, I have not tried using her frame myself (nor do I have any intention to) but let us take a glance at her abilities. I'll let her first ability go as it shares the single elemental bolt attack so shared by many warframes. Her other abilities include a poison cloak and the creation of a jump clone. The clone idea seems directly and unshamingly ripped from Loki's unique arsenal and her cloak feels like Ember's flame cloak with a new animation slapped ontop. Her ultimate poisons her melee weapon. No offence, but that... right off the bat does not sound impressive at all. All in all, a very... unoriginal sounding frame. Letdown number one.

The second addition was warframe Banshee, a sound focused warframe. I am an audiophile myself, and I felt almost insulted at what I saw on the banshee main page. Alright, first off I felt the warframe itself looked lacking, the helmet an abridged done-wrong rip from Loki's hammerhead helmet (which I actually find quite dashing). I remember looking at the wiki article and some 3D models of the frame and recoiling at what I saw. Personally I imagined a sound warframe to be somewhat of a tank, blasting sound with a "come get me" kind of attitude. What happened instead... felt like an embarassment. From the practical standpoint, tank skills were being given to a stealth/general frame, something that should not even work.But... I'll put away my personal preferences for a moment to look at the actual frame for what it is. Its first and fourth abilities take a slight spin on Rhino's Radial blast. The first repels enemies in a 360 radius while the fourth is more of a direct copy, dealing damage in a 360 radius. Sonar can be mitigated and rendered near useless if any single person in the entire part equips the enemy radar artifact or uses the new enemy radar mods. Sonar can also reveal weakspots on enemies; however... think about it. Unless the Devs plan to include new weakspot hitboxes on enemy models, I see little use of Sonar except to reveal weakspots people with common sense already know about like the heads of most enemies to the legs of a Jackal. Banshee's third ability is absolutely useless if detected or pushed into a self-destruct environmental hazard. An enemy affected by Silence will be cut off from their surroundings; they can be shot at or witness a comrade's death and not know about it. However, apart from drawing aggro in a heated battle, once the player or any teammate is detected, every enemy in the entire ship will become alert to the player's location (somehow...) and render any attempt at stealth useless. While the devs have said in the past that they wish to give a significant boost to stealth gameplay, currently stealth is infeasible and unnecesary. Besides, we already have Ash and Loki as "stealthy" frames with Loki likely being the king of them all. But... back to Banshee. All in all, I as an audiophile legitimately felt insulted as I was reading the description for Banshee's page not only by her looks, but her very nature and abilities. Perhaps her only crime was not conforming to my expectatioms, but a severe letdown nonetheless.

But... a couple other aspects. The sentinels; I will restrict my speech on their topic because they are a fairly new idea that needs to much ironing and fleshing out that all I really have to say is that the cloak card is broken and the laser rifle of a wyrm is still incapable of dealing significant damage to a level 2 Grineer Lancer. Global chat was never a bad idea, though I don't yet see its major impact. I suppose the only real thing I really love in this update are the new open world (ok fine, not really) map cells and a couple of the new added weapons. Apart from that, Update 7 has me and a fair number of players wondering if Warframe as a game is even worth the playtime spent to return to a remnant of pre-Update 7 levels in terms of strength in battle as well as money. I could write more, but I did call this a short momentary opinion. Perhaps next time.

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