• Damjan.trifunovic

    Stalker Farming

    February 24, 2014 by Damjan.trifunovic

    While everything seems so easy and cleared up now, i got to differ. Lots of info on Stalker's Wiki Page, forums... But the despair-hungry are still, well, hungry. 

    I am not here to clear up anything, but to request a wise mind that will do so. As I understand, the process goes like this:

    1. Kill a boss => get a death mark.

    2. Play a mission => Stalker spawns.

    3. Kill Stalker => gather ERMEHGERD DHESPHER.

    However, fundamental questions need to be asked:

    Does any boss work?

    Does killing a boss necceseraly mean that you get a death mark?

    Can the deathmark be acquired without Stalker informing you?

    How can the spawn chances be maxed? (More players, one mark < More players, all marks?)

    When does Stalker drop stuff? (Forced to kneel, dead, dead after kill…

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