While everything seems so easy and cleared up now, i got to differ. Lots of info on Stalker's Wiki Page, forums... But the despair-hungry are still, well, hungry. 

I am not here to clear up anything, but to request a wise mind that will do so. As I understand, the process goes like this:

1. Kill a boss => get a death mark.

2. Play a mission => Stalker spawns.

3. Kill Stalker => gather ERMEHGERD DHESPHER.

However, fundamental questions need to be asked:

Does any boss work?

Does killing a boss necceseraly mean that you get a death mark?

Can the deathmark be acquired without Stalker informing you?

How can the spawn chances be maxed? (More players, one mark < More players, all marks?)

When does Stalker drop stuff? (Forced to kneel, dead, dead after killing target, before killing target etc.)

Help will be most appreciated by many.... As long as you don't post BS.


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