• Daredevinho

    'This is a BLOG, my first one at that, where I will post my opinion on Prime Weapo'ns and Warframes.

    Because the only kind of tradeable stuff in this game are Modcards and Primes!

    I mean, what is END GAME CONTENT? Getting platinum from people that are lazy enough to actually buy prime parts and mods from you??

    I got what I wanted. I predicted the community's reaction and now have their attention. Not before long, I dragged people to discuss between themselves whether they should Prime or not. Now, I will reply the interesting comments. Btw, I don't know how to remove this "Contents" link. I didn't even add it.

    Make people realize they don't need to fight and trade for Primes. You will see why below.

    Is that so? Ok.

    That's rude. You could've be …

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