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'This is a BLOG, my first one at that, where I will post my opinion on Prime Weapo'ns and Warframes.

Because the only kind of tradeable stuff in this game are Modcards and Primes!

I mean, what is END GAME CONTENT? Getting platinum from people that are lazy enough to actually buy prime parts and mods from you??

Part 2:

I got what I wanted. I predicted the community's reaction and now have their attention. Not before long, I dragged people to discuss between themselves whether they should Prime or not. Now, I will reply the interesting comments. Btw, I don't know how to remove this "Contents" link. I didn't even add it.


"SO what's the purpose of this blog?"

Make people realize they don't need to fight and trade for Primes. You will see why below.

"You don't See Excalibur prime because 1: He's exclusive to Founders, 2: His abilities currently suck (and Radial Blind is getting nerfed into the ground soon)."

Is that so? Ok.

"please dont bother making anymore blogs..."

That's rude. You could've be productive, yet you just came and spit your hate on me. Please don't bother commenting if you're not going to add anything!

"...What...? Nyx Prime is one of the best frames you can take into a 60+ minute T4 survival mission. LOL Also, why are you still here when you stopped playing already?

WTF!? This wiki should require you to take an IQ test before you post or make a blog. omg..."

I love Nyx! My favorite frame so far, tied with Zephyr. I stopped playing because everybody is busy trying to get that rare, new prime, with hard to grind itens. I even considered buying the Prime Access, but hey, that's a trap.

"He's certainly too young or just a recent player he can't understand the game without knowing the game"

Not. Rank 12, playing since U7~8.

"Prime frames do not have much difference in terms of actual strength compared to normal frames, aside from added polarity slots and minor bonuses."

You got my point. But after reading some comments, even I may disagree.

I might have to agree with you. While prime weapons are fun to have instead of thier not-so-gaudy counter-parts just for the love of fluanting your own skill (or overly large amount of money), they are not something to get that excited over. Give me origional content over a new prime any day (or adjust old content to better improve the game). Glaxion or Wyrm prime? (spends time farming cryotic)."

You got it!

"Overpowered, overrated, overwhelming, overlicious - thought I never used one."

How can you say it's overpowered if you never used? That's not opinion, it's just hate.

I did comparisons with my clan buddies. Boltor Prime > Soma, anytime. number of kills, damage dealt, actual damage dealt, average procs, enemies you will fight... And where did I hate it? I like it.

"The primes are just primarily for looks and extra polarity with a couple of boosted stats. DE said the "end game content" you're looking for is all up to the players to decide for themselves. Even a mastery rank 1 can obtain some of the rare prime weapons themselves.

And unless you're mad that everyone is hype about prime equipment, don't be, a lot of the non primed Warframes are still a lot more useful compared to the current primed frames(vauban, valkyr, trinity, oberon, nova, nekros, etc.). As for the weapons, you could always stick to your trusty soma, the brakk, the despairs, akstilletos, the list goes on."

You ease my mind sir.

"Primes are simply cosmetic skins when it all comes down to it. their stat changes, if any, are minimal and hardly make a difference in gameplay. The point of primes, remember, aren't to release 'better' versions of warframes, it's directly tied to the lore of the game in that these prime frames were the original or semi-original (more than one ember prime, for example) tied directly to the orokin age. they are a novelty that plays directly into the game, not an overpowered new toy."

Yeah. I wish so. But then people still go completely insane over them and keep selling those at the trade chats. Are they that awesome?

TL;DR: blablablabla Primes are ok, please review old game content so they fit better the game!

Part 1


  • Excalibur Prime: Never seen one before.
  • Ember Prime: Nope.
  • Frost Prime: When I hear "Frost" i think "Defense mission", then I remember that's the only thing he's good at.
  • Mag Prime: When I started paying attention at Primes, this was the deal. A stupid one at it.

Now, now, I want to talk specially about the remaining three.

  • Loki Prime: Hype hype hype hype hype - I've seen his clone more than himself (probably because he's invisible killing people!)
  • Rhino Prime: I see a Rhino Prime everytime I play. I guess you also do. He's reliable, afterall.
  • Nyx Prime: Since it's release, I still didn't see one!!! Maybe because I stopped playing altogheter after Loki Prime's hype...


  • Boltor Prime: Overpowered, overrated, overwhelming, overlicious - thought I never used one.
  • Bo Prime: I've seen ONE guy use this, and he said "I will level this and throw it away". Other people save it for looks.
  • Dakra Prime: I, personally, love this one! It's slashy, it's strong, it's one handed (Crimson Dervish, *cough*)
  • Orthos Prime: A good one.

Ok, what I want to say is: PRIME isn't the same as AWESOME. Why I didn't list everything? Because they SUCK and aren't looked for anymore. If they were any good, I would look after them and test them myself. Like I did with my Saryn before the nerfs, or the current Soma (that I hope won't get nerfed as well! XD). Weapon tiers ruined the game, and PRIME isn't a tier. Please, stop this hype about every prime you see -_-' it's madness!

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