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  • I am Poptart
  • DarkaiXeno

    So, today, I posted in the forums giving feedback about this new Prime Access, and I want to know your opinions about it. I'll give you mine, and sorry that it's greyed out, but it happens when you copy-paste something from the Warframe forums to the wiki

    " Really though, I'm only going to get the Accessories Exclusive Package only for the 90 day credit/affinity booster, but that's about all that's worth getting this Prime Access.

       I share the same opinion as most of these tenno's in the forums when I say that the Noru Syandanna isn't that appealing. Primes usually stand out, having very noticable Gold trims around the weapon/Warframe/syandanna. So, it's not the energy that it's lacking persay, because I frankly think some syandanna's lo…

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